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Re: Games and all things related

I would argue the core problem is what gets media time are the loudest voices. The "feminists" you hear are roughly akin to what Ann Coulter is to Conservatism. There are plenty of inequality issues that still need to be addressed and solved in our society. Violence against women is still a horribly low success rate when it comes to reporting/punishing, wage inequality still exists and the body image issue is at worse levels than ever before.

The other problem is you just can't have a conversation about equality these days without someone, male or female, turning it into a blame game and watching the shit fly. It's noise rather than movement. For every "man-hater" and "hey, I'm a good guy, it's not MY fault", there are a lot of people who are drowned out who are just trying to improve the situation. Examining and discussing Feminism is completely useful - things like this are not.

The first feminists haven't moved (I count both my mother-in-law and mother in this group) but aren't certain where the message is going any more. But then, that's a symptom of everything in our 24-hour shouting news age.

And LOL at that quote. Someone inform him that as a male, he was conceived and developed as a female until the Y chromosome took over. He's not an incomplete female. He almost was and then diverted genetically.
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