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Re: Naruto_641

Originally Posted by Emissary of Justice View Post
Kishi's getting fucking lazy. FTG was always attributed as Minato's creation. Hell, didn't Tobirama note Minato's T/S was faster at one moment?

Pretty weird that Sasuke is somehow able to match chakra with Naruto. was originally stated Obito's S/T jutsu surpassed Minato's and Tobirama's. Minato being the fastest shinobi alive...Kishi went to clear up the facts in the Hashi/Madara flashback when he demonstrated Tobirama's jutsu using a straight FTG. Obviously Minato simply upgraded the tech and his own version surpasses the 2nd Hokage. This chapter it is shown that both kages uses two different seals for FTG.

Tobirama has stated that Minato is faster but he simply tells Naruto that his father copied the tech from him.

Sasuke didn't match Naruto's chakra per say but he got his own chakra to match Naruto's jutsu chakra/power level. (Kinda like the bijuu bomb, Sasuke was trying to get the ratio down of the mix of chakras)

I think it is pretty evident that Naruto has more chakra than Sasuke....

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