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Re: Naruto_641

Originally Posted by Vengeance View Post
I don't know it seems rather boring to me. Maybe because there's no sense of danger at this point since the only one's fighting are ether Edo's and or NaruSuke. It's like ok they combine fire and wind again in an attack that will not work. Can we progress to actually activating Moons eye already? I'm actually looking forward to seeing if Kishi can properly execute a trippy dream world scenario. Something where the protagonist (referring to Naruto and Sasuke) need to find a way to brake free. I'd rather see that over this fight.
Well, it does suffer from the Untouchable Villain syndrome and we know Sasuke/Naruto aren't going to die right off, but that happens in most of these style fights. The Pein Arc was great but you knew Naruto wasn't going to lose. (Of course, there were deaths, which was great... and then it wasn't.) We'll see how it progresses. Eventually, Obito has to up the stakes and start taking people out to push Naruto and Sasuke further. There's also Madara and Orochimaru/Kages as a wild card. (Wouldn't it be awesome with his arrival at the Kages, Orochimaru curse sealed them and was able to take control of them to try and capture the Juubi/Obito?) I'll give it time as I feel we're still in the early throes of this one.

Also, Shikamaru for Hokage. Might be the truth after Sasuke and Naruto go all Thelma and Louise.
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