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Re: Naruto_641

Originally Posted by ask me anything View Post
LOL, this chapter is just great. It just illustrated how much of an unoriginal faggot Minato is. Every one of his techniques was basically taught to him or copied from somebody (or something) else.

Summoning toads: Introduced to them by Jiriaya.

Rasengan: A lower quality (read:bootleg) version of a Bijuu bomb.

FTG: Stole that shit from Tobirama

8 Trigrams Sealing Technique: An Uzumaki tech. Most likely taught to him by his wife.

Death God Jutsu: Seeing as the Uzumaki have a freaking mask that controls it, then also an Uzumaki tech that he stole borrowed.

Now we just need to learn where he got his barrier jutsu techs from and he will be a 100% authentic copy-pasta ninja.
What's sad about it is that it's not even like that's ever what he was supposed to be. Every one of those sorts of things was meant to be his and his alone and then everything got retconned into him just adapting existing shit. All for massive bullshit plot pulls. Tobirama looks like shit compared to Hashirama, let's give him a few dozen other abilities out of fucking nowhere so that he's relevant! Naruto can't just be the son of the Fourth Hokage, oh no, he has to be descended from a legendary, prestigious clan! Hey, we need to asspull a way for Orochimaru to edo tensei the four previous Hokage despite it being literally impossible, let's make Minato's supposed ultimate technique something that was kind of just around already.

Kishimoto has just been taking one of the more respectable characters in this manga back in the day and been shitting all over him for 141 chapters straight. It sucks.
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