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Re: Naruto_641

Originally Posted by CrustaceaN View Post
And how the heck did Hashirama die.
He's holding his own against Edo Madara(Madara with the Rinnegan)
If I had to guess, given his past and personality, he either died of a broken heart for not being able to save Madara from the darkness, or he over-exerted himself in a fight.

Knowing Kishi though, he'll take a third option and make his death something stupid.

Originally Posted by Vengeance View Post
Dude A & B already proved that FTG can be beaten when B caught Minato in a stalemate situation. People need to stop acting like FTG is the be all end all of techniques.
Well Kishi has been making it out to be the Jutsu to end all Jutsus, and last I checked, when Tobirama was alive, A and B weren't yet. At that point in time, it probably WAS the be all and end all of techniques, so the question would still stand.

If there were no such thing as chakra limits, which is likely what might have killed him.

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