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Re: Naruto_641

Originally Posted by Konnaha_yellow_flash View Post
LMFAO!!! How any of that INHERITED and not just learned over time?
LOL, there is more then one definition to "inherited" you moron. While it does denote the passing of info (or jutsus, or ideologies..ect) down through the generations, that doesn't automatically refer strictly to a relationship among family members. It can also apply to a close friend (shisiu in Itachi's case) a mentor/sensei (jounin instructor), or figure revered in the community (hokage). All these people can pass down things to the people around them. I mean for fucks sake. How many times has it been said that Naruto INHERITED the "Will of Fire". Stop taking shit so literally.

LMAO, Kakashi also said that minato did not have the chakra stores to create a elemental rasengan despite the fact mInato has a huge chakra store considering how many times he can reverse summon the Kyuubi and his Bijuudama as well as spam the FTG of many levels...
Coupled with the fact he has Kage bushin as well which is the key to using the jutsu, there is no reason Minato could not use the jutsu IF he had an element to combine which he has not shown though...

Now I am not saying that mInato does not have an element for sure, just that is so very unlikely since we still have yet to see him use one and he is close to going back to the pure world with the rest of the kage...
Minato was irrefutably stated in the manga as having an elemental ability. MANGA FCATS!!!

I also LOL pretty hardcore your (lack of) reasoning that you find it "very unlikely" that Minato would have a element. It's been stated that most jounin have not only a first element but a second as well. Every Hokage has had an elemental based jutsu. Even Tsunades healing jutsu are based on Yin/Yang manipulation. Yet you finds the odds are slim that Minato would have one as well based merely on the reason that "We haven't seen it yet, Derp".

[If you kids at home haven't been keeping track, this^ is reason #478 why you should never KYF seriously. False assumption of probabilities based off of skewed or inclusive data.]

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