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Originally Posted by ask me anything View Post
LMAO! Kakashi, who is a student of Minato and knew him for many years, states in a speech to naruto on the topic of elements and rasengan usage that Minato failed to combine his element (hint: He would have needed on to combine it) with Rasengan, and KY completely dismisses it.

There really aren't words for this level of stupidity.
Well, KYF has a point. Just because every ninja has an element affiliation with their chakra, and the whole point of the rasengan was to mix it with nature chakra doesn't mean Minato had a nature chakra. (Even with all this sarcasm it's hard to type this) All we have to go on is Kakashi's word. And why would we trust Kakashi? Sure KYF trusts what Tobito says, even though Tobito lied to everyone about everything. But Kakashi, he's not very reliable, ya know.
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