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Re: Naruto_641

Originally Posted by kael03 View Post
And here is evidence you do NOT read anything I write. I was agreeing with you on the lack of a KKG, as it hasn't been shown that he has one.

And you wonder why we can't take you seriously.
Uuum, I was supporting my argument and your own that the FTG is not KKG, thus the comment about 3 random jounin being able to use it too. Which means it is so very unlikely to be KKG and I was merely supporting the argument with evidence...

LAMO, ANd you wonder why I say you cherry pick using confirmation bias thus You take a supporting argument for both our arguments as something against you for some reason which confirms my statement that you are actually using confirmation BIAS to try and confirm your own negative opinion of me, so much you interpret an innocent supporting argument as something against you... Thanks for proving my point!

The same way I inherited my skills with computers from teachers and family.
I wasn't aware a simple reverse summoning, which we've seen frogs do, is a Senju exclusive skill.
Where did I say that captain contextomy fallacy-kal? That is what I though!

What doesn't make sense is that he didn't create the Rasengan. Technically the Juubi created the Rasengan, as it is a human form Bijuu bomb.
The Bijuudama is not a rasengan, it is the Juubi's power of two different Kinds in a ball that shots at the enemy from the mouth while Minato uses his one type of chakra into a ball and smashes it into the enemy directly with the hand proving they are tow compeltely different things...
The elemental rasengan is more like a bijuudama with two different types of chakra in them and in a ball...

Lol, how is the Juubi's use of a Bijuudama evidence that Minato did not create the rasengan exactly?

He inherited them from his wife, an uzumaki.
You clearly don't understand the difference between a Hidden jutsu, and a KKG.
Except Kakashi never said that. Only that Minato was never able to add his own element into the Rasengan.
1). How is learning=inheriting? You reason is very unsound and invalid.. Try to at least make some sense please...
2). I do know the difference. KKG is bloodline inherited ability that cannot be copied while hidden Jutsu are techniques that are not bloodline inherited, but taught and passed down through the clans from generation to generation.
3). Kakashi actually said that minato tried to add his elemental re-composition SKILLS with his spatial re-composition t create a elemental rasengan, never that minato could actually create any certain element...

Except it's not. It's the key for Naruto to use the jutsu in any of its forms, because he is too retarded to make the multi-directional spiral required for the base Rasengan without a clone, but it's not the key for the elemental Rasengan to be formed.
The clone is the key otherwise why would naruto need a clone to use the Jutsu? the clone is the only way to look left and right at the same time to create a rasnegan and re-composed elemental chakra at once to put into a single Jutsu.
Quit cherry picking, it is getting sad! Actually trying to argue that the kage bushin is not the key to using the elemental rasengan.

His young death would be a reason, or the fact that it was too complicated for him to pull off on his own, while Naruto had the benefit of thousands of clones to cut the training time down to a matter of days.
I think it was his lack of ability to produce an element for the rasengan at this point.

Except you are. You flat out said it in the post I initially responded to.
Good god learn to freaking READ!!! I never thought Minato did not have an element for sure, show me where I stated with certainty that minato did not have an element... I will nto hold my breathe...

He's been in the fight for 4 fucking chapters, and stood to the side for part of it. Actually wait to see if he deserves the fanwanking you are giving him.
Please, enlighten us on what all Gai has done with S/T techs aside from summoning his turtle to use as a launching pad?
1). LAMO, it took RS level shinobi just to touch Minato after catching him off guard and while minato is holding back against Obito and trying to protect his son and sasuke coupled with the FACT minato is not using the Kyuubi's power for some reason, it has not increased his physical feats beyond anythng he can do at base so Just more holding back.
So where is the lack of FEAT in that? Tobirama and SM Hashirama clone that shares the same level of ability as the original got blitzed by a lower level of Juubito losing half their body and were not holding back or having to protect anyone... SO yea, explain to me the lack of feat in Minato's action/s?
2). Not the point, GAI has the ability ti use time space Jutsu for summoning so there you have it. minato is just like GAI, just was able to use time space jutsu at a far greater level....

I'm ignoring the rest of your Minato-influence fapping, because you clearly can't read the manga without prejudice when it clearly says that Madara/Hashirama > all others.
LMFAO, where does it say that^^^^ I missed that chapter...

Apparently you missed the part where hashirama confirmed that previous level of Juubito was stronger then him, the same level that one shoted him and his brother yet could not even kill a clone of minato's withtout even using the FTG focusing on using his new Jutsu...

And it took a even great level of Juubito, in full RS mode who is far stronger the hashirama is his previous level was. It took that level of shinobi along with minato holding back against Obito, not wanting to hurt his former student and while having to protect his useless son and sasuke coupeld with the FACT Minato still has yet to use the kyuubi's power to enhance his speed/reflexes or power, just performing the same level he could at base...

All that, just for Minato to finally get hit in combat without minato wanting to get hit like he did against the Kyuubi nail. Thus, if it takes such a shinobi just to touch minato arm with a counter attack coupled with the other circumstances that are slowing him down then Minato>hashirama easily!!!

When add in the fact that hashirama proved a Kunai can kill him with his attempted suicide and that all Mianto has to do is touch you and your going to lose becuase he will place a tag then hit the enemy at will so fast they cannot possibly protect themselves or hit minato shows that minato>hashirama.

And the fact that Minato can reverse summon away things with indirect contact proves that he can take away susanoo or madara form inside susanoo to attack him dierctly which makes susanoo compeltley negated couple dwith the fact Minato can easily dodge amaterasu and nullify any genjtsu by blitzing himself to another location away from the Genjutsu user so he can regain control over his chakra and nervous system make shim immune to any Illusion that does not paralyze the mind so he can use the FTG...
Thus minato makes it so all MS jutsu and even SG jutsu are negated which means Minato>EMS madara...

No matter how POWERFUL/STRONG you are. If you cannot CATCH your Enemy, all you POWER/STRENGTH is no more USEFUL then a squirt gun....
And if You cannot possibly TRACK/REACT to your enemies attacks to Defend yourself, then how can you possibly stop him from DEFEATING you at WILL...


People live relying on they're Knowledge and Perception, and thus are bound to them.....
Those Boundaries are what they tend to accept as "Reality".....
However..... Knowledge and Perception are both ambiguous....
so "Reality" could be nothing more....
then an illusion....

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