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Re: Naruto_641

Originally Posted by Konnaha_yellow_flash View Post
2).OMFG are you Kidding me? I seriously Hope you are not this slow in the head because you said you had proof that I claimed for certain that Minato did not have A ELEMENT.
You did make that claim, and he did quote you. Tough shit.

So where is the error in my statement?
You really want to go there? OK then, lets examine the following quote.

I did not claim that Minato did not have an Elemental AFFINITY. How can you be so completely dense to argue actual English and the obvious difference between singular and Plural???
When you make a phrase regarding a group of subjects in their entirety, you are also including each and every individual item in that group. You said Minato didn't have any elemental affinities, and while that was a plural statement, it applied to each individual element as well, as Kael pointed out.

Your counterargument is as ridiculous as it gets. Why you think trying to make some kind of distinction between singular and plural helps your argument is simply beyond me, since nobody (but you) mentioned anything about the plurality of your statement, nor do we honestly care either way. The sole argument has always been that Minato had a (read: ONE) element that he tried to combine with Rasengan. All your silly little "I meant singular not plural, Derp." argument has done is show that you've inadvertently agreed to the idea of Minato having an element.

Whether you yourself have come to the conclusion (probably not) that by accepting Minato having a (read:Singular) element, that you've basically conceded your augment, is yet to be seen. Have fun with that.

He has been implied in a bad translation to have 1 element which an affinity....
By implied I believe you mean "stated".

As for it being a "bad translation", I knew your would pull this shit from the very beginning, which is why if you scroll up to post #69 I made sure to include 2 different translations of each page. Funny how you only picked the one you thought you had a chance of (even though you really don't) arguing against. Cherry picking much!

Originally Posted by Konnaha_yellow_flash View Post
Only that he has elemental re-composition skill and nothing more.
Originally Posted by kael03 View Post
Elemental recomposition skill = the ability to mold one's chakra towards a certain element. Every ninja has at least one element that their chakra naturally molds to, called their affinity. Minato designed the rasengan so that he could mold his chakra into an element that came naturally to him, or his affinity, and mold that chakra into the rasengan to gain its elemental variant. Why can't you accept that?

And, again, you stated that he had no elemental affinities. Which, as I stated, encompasses from a single element to all elements. The fact that you are backpedalling because I called you out, and stating you only meant more than one elemental affinity, shows desperation on your part.
Re-quoting this, just because.

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