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Re: Naruto_641

Originally Posted by Emissary of Justice View Post
It's not that surprising from what we've seen thus far.

The two even use different formula seals. Also, the manner in which Minato employs FTG is what makes his method such a hax. Tobirama simply applies to the seal onto people he comes into contact with. Minato does that AND applies the seal onto tags which his wraps around dozens of special kunai. He even had it set up so that in case of any emergency, he could always teleport to Kushina and their house. Hell, just look at his FTG barrier.
I am aware of such, I even mentioned the whole difference in the seals. Minato through the use of his kunai has developed S Class jutsu from FTG. (barrier jutsu used to teleport the kyuubi's blast) FTG1-FTG2 variations and now the bragged about jutsu that he has yet to reveal. Either through touch or chakra Minato can be considered a serious threat. Tobirama's use just seems outdated.
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