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Re: Naruto 642

Maybe sage attacks work because they are different than regular ninjutsu attacks. Also more than likely the sage of the six paths used these very techniques before he became the juubi jink. If regular attacks are erased because they reduce ninjutsu to nothing..natural energy must be extremely important. Senjutsu if I remember correctly adds a third step to molding the chakras (Natural Energy, Spiritual, and Physical) . Hashirama seems to have the most potent form of the sage's true power. We have seen Kabuto's version of sage techniques and form as well. Also the dark half of the kyuubi has been talked about for a while to come into play...though some folks thought Minato didn't have the mind of the dark kyuubi just the chakra...Odd thing is I don't think these two have talked much....Minato seems too surprised to hear from Dark Kurama...

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