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Re: Naruto 642

I actually agree totally with your post LonelyNinja. I liked having Tobirama being utilized...I would not have liked it if Minato would of teleported Naruto. Having Tobirama notice Naruto's worth actually set the panel for me personally. He continues to notice things are different with this current generation. Yeah he said father and son can be dumb at times...but Naruto is not dumb...A bit quick for him to understand Sage attacks work..but not that stretched. He had no other choice but to use sage attacks since Kurama's chakra was drained. With Minato's arm being taken away guess we won't be seeing that uber jutsu he kept trying to pull off. So either one more chapter and homeboy is going off to meet Kushina. He will give away he portion of the kyuubi to boost Naruto. Minato is a shinobi like every other fighter on the field. He is not a god or anything like the Sage of the 6. What makes Minato cool is his smarts and his simple but well utilized techs. I like him being seen as plain compared to Obito. Obito at the moment is the true vision of what power is. My only quarrel is we won't get to see anything worth mentioning from now on from the 4th..or the 2nd. Sasuke and Naruto will have to pick up the pace.
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