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Re: Naruto 642

I really hope Kishi somehow allows us a moment to see what these guys can really do.. We have not seen water from Tobirama; whatever elemental jutsu Minato possesses, Sarutobi who is known for his arsenal of jutsu just got sprayed in the face and laid on his back. Hashi is the only one who is actually putting up a good fight...also why didn't Obito consume all the juubi clones? Naruto says to Sasuke (Kishi foreshadowing) "He is even more powerful than how I pictured the perfect version of myself would be." The perfect version of Naruto is Bijuu form combined with Sage Mode. Somehow Kishi will have to defend how everyone are not getting attacked by the black no one will die, how they are gonna orchestrate their attacks to land a proper senjutsu attack.

Since Orochimaru absorbed Zetsu and increased his own power his sage mode will assist Naruto greatly. Juugo's attacks also should work since his clan ties in with the senjutsu power. Hashi will have his hands full with Madara while the others keep Obito busy long enough for Madara to K/O hashi and pull out his trump card. Not sure if Kishi meant to have Naruto do a one handed rasengan but shit it is about fucking time. Now that Naruto has landed the same attack his dad did on Obito 16 years's far time for him to show everyone why he is Hokage candidate material. He will either need to learn FTG or Tobirama will last long enough to help him land his final attack. Also with him joining forces with the dark half of the kyuubi his speed will be faster than before. If Kurama mode was basically comparison to FTG level speed, his perfect bijuu mode should be comparable to Minato using FTG in cloak mode. Though if Obito really wanted he could be the ultimate douche..He can levitate and use Kamui while getting around attacks. Yeah he is so full of himself that he may feel using such techs would be silly.
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