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Re: Naruto 642

Originally Posted by Stars View Post
Agreed. I too think Sasuke's role in this fight will be only for support, unless Kishi adds another obstacle in which Sasuke will be useful.

Personally I'm hoping he'll have to use Izanagi and Izanami in the course of the fight and end up blind.
Actually...using either uchiha tech would be would show his own growth. First he was able to counter TS and hit Itachi with the after affects.. He then went on to put Danzo under genjutsu...If Sasuke can successfully place Obito or Madara under would without doubt show how much he has grown...It was his use of genjutsu vs Danzo that was the reason he won..Though everyone has stated how weak Sasukes genjutsu is compared to Itachi's. We have seen Sasuke grow a bit as a character and yeah Kishi has fleshed out some of his attacks upgrading them slightly. I want to see more from this chickling Uchiha. Anyway rant over....Sasuke loosing a eye wouldn't be bad in my book...yeah it would play back to Kakashi and his connection to Obito...but it would also mean Sasuke is willing to sacrifice power for the greater good of long lasting peace...that to me would be fitting. He has been seeking power since the start...and in the end...he gives it up or becomes a martyr in the process of protecting Konoah's future Hokage. Cheesy but for me works fine...
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