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Re: Naruto 642

Originally Posted by Human Rasengan View Post
It would be extremely poor writing on kishis part to have a frog sage snake sage and no slug sage in what is known as the three way deadlock. Obviously Tsunade has a sage mode. She just hasnt used it yet. As a medical nin her main focus was always support not combat but based on her heritage kage rank and sanin title im sure she has sage mode as well
so.......when she hit Madara using her rebirth tech she punched a serious ass hole in his body....If she would of used her sage mode she could of actually landed a deathly blow. What I would call bullshit is that Dan had to save her using his ghost form and restoring her chakra that way....If she had sage mode shit all that time she was standing still healing the other Kages she could of built up enough NE to knock Madara out before he knew it...Hell during the pain arc it would of been useful when her chakra was so low...Just because the Sannin all have summons doesn't mean Kishi should treat them equally in regard to their techs or forms. At this point it would terrible writing if he did in fact allow Tsunade a sage mode... If Chiyo would of referred to her as the Slug Sage Princess....long ago in early part two....then that build up totally would of payed off.....I would say if anything Sakura should have sage mode to at least allow her to fight on the front lines and pull her from a support character. Also to note the three way deadlock is just in reference to the summonings. She is a Kage due to her being a Sannin but also the best healer which was needed for multiple reasons...Orochimaru's invasion/mini war (left alot of people injured) and to heal Lee. More importantly because Jirayah didn't want it....she has always been a support character. She has only fought like what three or four times...Fought against Naruto, Orochimaru, face to face with Pain and now Madara. Tsunade is so out of place against Obito it's funny. She doesn't have the necessary speed. Don't forget also she is the strongest person in the manga...stated by Madara himself...if she had Sage Mode...she would be a hand to hand beast. Though her fighting skills IMO are weak due to the lack of jutsu usage.

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