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Re: Naruto 642

I just realised how easy it is for Sasuke to learn Sage mode as well. Since Sasuke has used cursed seals which came from Juugo he should already know the feel of natural energy. This with Juugos flesh he received after KB almost killed him should allow him to use Sage mode.
I for crying out loud that is absolutely retarded. Juugo is not a sage first of all so sasuke didn't get sage energy skills from him nor do curse seals have anything to do with sage energy. If sage energy gathering was that easy to learn there would be several people on the battlefield but nope its not that easy. As the earlier chapters described it best, you need to first learn how to become attuned to gathering and managing that chakra though usage of that oil. Then when you learn how to balance it while gathering it you are ready to gather it naturally on your own. The only problem with doing it that way is you have to either stay perfectly still to gather properly or have another animal that is familiar with sage energy merge with you to provide you nature energy which you manage yourself. That is why kabuto need the snakes with him at all times to maintain sage mode where is naruto learned to use shadow clones to gather energy then release thus giving him instant supplies of sage chakra. Sasuke knows none of these things nor does he understand the full mechanics of it. So far the only people in the series that we know of that truly have had this training is naruto, jiraiya, orochimaru, and kabuto. The rest have yet to get that training thus they can't instantly become sages. Sorry sasutards but no sage mode for your sausage boy.
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