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Re: Naruto 642

Originally Posted by Numinous
Of course you could argue that's what happening with Senjutsu and Narute Chakra, but there's no mention of such thing in the manga.
Fair enough.

Originally Posted by Numinous
@ bolded: That's what I said! Did you even bother to read?
Yes, I did. You compared what happened in this chapter to two Katon jutsus used against each other, questioning why Senjutsu and Nature Chakra didn't work the same way. When I said "that's not what happened here" I meant that it's not the same situation and thus an unfair comparison. There were not two nature chakra jutsus used against each other. There was only one, Naruto's senjutsu rasengan landing a direct hit on Obito's undefended body.

I don't understand why there has to be a "counter" in this situation. Yes, two katon jutsus will cancel each other out, but if Sasuke is hit with a katon jutsu undefended he would still get burned.
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