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Re: Naruto 642

Originally Posted by platinumrug View Post
What this chapter confirmed is that Kishi needs a scape goat for abilities. Oh, tobi isn't nowhere near in strength to his brother or popularity? Give him virtually every ability that everyone else has that has some esteem to it and call it his. Edo tensei which we first saw oro use, it's originally tobi's. Oh, FTG? Minato was the only person in this manga that used it, now since it's convenient, let's give it to tobi so he can seem like a better shinobi. Let's also not forget that he DIED to 20 cloud ninjas so hiruzen, danzo and random nins could escape. Why didn't he pat either one of those nins on the back, keep himself alive for as long as he could, and then teleport away? Plot-to-the-fucking-holes.
True. I didn't see it like that, however, his prowess with said Jutsu or any jutsu does bring into question how he died against 20 cloud Ninja.

He did acknowledge the use of Edo Tensei when he was resurrected in Part 1.
Also Minato did say that Obito's T/S surpasses the "Second and My own"(that particular order and it was written in a way that made it seem like it was joint rather than separate).

Not much to go on, neither is there any confirmation, but I agree that to make Tobirama somewhat viable in this fight he is being used as somewhat of a scapegoat.

Still doesn't take away Minato's fraudulence(I could be incorrect, but there are many plotholes going on here).

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