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Re: Naruto 642

The only thing Minato has done now that should be held to a high standard is his talent at dividing NEAR INFINITE chakra of a tailed beast in two, yin and yang. That right there is a feat in its own right... but leave it to Kishi, Hashirama will have been the first one to ever be able to split bijuu level chakra in two and both of them be complete living entities.

Also, I've been kind of half reading most of the shit regarding Minato's kyuubi shroud, is HE himself using the other half of the kyuubi chakra to make his own shroud or is he using the one that Naruto is lending to people like some cheap hooker?

EDIT: @Crust: I do remember him acknowledging the fact that he was revived using edo, but acknowledging it and someone ELSE saying years later that the technique was originally his in the first place are two different things. He should have at least said something along the lines of "oh, so i was revived using my own kinjutsu eh? how ironic" blah blah, a point for him and then it wouldn't have been so awkward to just GIVE him the jutsu years later.

Also while I understand that tobi having a t/s jutsu is plausible, at least have it be something new. FTG isn't the ONLY t/s jutsu out here and considering that tobi can just create a fucking jutsu that literally revives people from the DEAD, he should have had another t/s ability. I suppose at this point that's where FTG comes into play. Hell, they could have at least have Minato tell the audience of how he has perfected the second's technique of this and that, then we would've known then that that was tobi's ability and not minato's. Which wouldn't have dissolved his skill to take a t/s jutsu and PERFECT it without what i'm assuming is no prior knowledge to its workings. I hope that we don't hear about the fact that tobirama was called the white flash or some stupid shit back in the day because of how fast he moved using ftg or i'll fucking explode.
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