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Re: Naruto 642

Originally Posted by Dagoro View Post
The excuse is that Minato learned how to do this inside the Death god. That is sketchy as hell. These recent power ups in Nardo were terribly rolled out, specially Sakura's...heavens that was horrible.
I'm ok with Nardo getting the power-ups, because he is the title character after all. But all this fan-service for Madara (which I'm sure we haven't seen the end yet), Hashi (same as Madara), Tobirama, Hiruzen, Minato, Orochimaru (would somebody just kill this guy before Kishi completely kills this character's character), and eventually Sasuke as well...

And I don't mind the shatting on Sakura as much... it's viable comic relief IMHO.

And in regards to the whole Senjutsu working against Obito/juubi...
1. For the fire-fighting scenario... the second fire is started to contain and minimize the wildfire, making it easier to "fight".
2. I like the argument of Senjutsu being the combo of physical, mental/spirtual, and natural energies. Notice, the attack that had some effect was a senjutsu enhanced rasengan. Unless the previous version of the FRS was senjutsu enhanced, that will probably be the deciding blow in the battle with Obito.

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