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Re: Naruto 642

Originally Posted by jekyl_hyde View Post
Unless the previous version of the FRS was senjutsu enhanced, that will probably be the deciding blow in the battle with Obito.
The version of the Rasenshuriken that we've seen has been senjutsu or kyuubi chakra enhanced since the fight with Pain. At first Naruto used senjutsu chakra to contain the Rasenshuriken and allow him to throw it. The kyuubi cloak version is the same way, the chakra contains it long enough to throw it. That's why he is always in either mode when he uses it as a long-distance attack.

Originally Posted by jeanericuser View Post
We are both wrong. Jiraiya couldn't enter sage mode on his own period. Fukusaku said it himself in that exact chapter.
He said that Jiraiya needed to learn to do it on his own in a tone that suggests he was more pissed about being randomly summoned than Jiraiya not actually knowing how to enter Sage mode on his own. As I said, Jiraiya was forced to move to keep Pain from hitting/killing him, so he couldn't sit down for a moment and gather the necessary chakra and needed Ma and Pa to do so.

I will admit it I was wrong for saying he could enter sage mode on his own but you were also wrong as he was able to keep still while the frog he sat on did all the fighting and dodging.
Ma and Pa were the ones keeping still. They didn't have to move as it was Jiraiya moving and fighting. The fusion technique they were using was designed so the toads could gather chakra and aid when necessary, and transfer the chakra to the person they were fused to.

I thought so at first as well but then I noticed with each page he seemed to become more snake like as more snakes appeared. To change that quickly would mean he either had all of orochimaru's cells taking control or his body was physically transforming due to the presence of the nature chakra and the snakes.
The change in appearance was due to Oro's cells taking over over time. Kabuto's appearance has been changing every time we saw him after he absorbed Oro's cells. He even acknowledged that when he made his reappearance after Oro had been taken out by Sasuke.

The main thing is Im not obsessed enough with it that I remember word for word every single thing that every single character has ever said. That's why like everyone else here I have to go back once and a while to reread old chapters like I am doing right now.[/quote]

I don't remember exactly when things happened, either. I have to go back and look them up. That's why I generally link the page for people, aside from providing evidence to back up what I say.

It seems we are both well aware of those facts though you seem to have an contradicting statement. If you have toads on you than you can in fact move while collecting sage chakra. Thus you can be in sage mode while moving.
Actually, I didn't say that. I said that Pa flat out said you cannot move while gathering sage chakra. The toads being on you are so that THEY can gather the chakra and feed it into you. They aren't technically moving.

Why I say naruto's mode is not a complete sage mode Im stating that his mode is more like a temporary power up boost that give him sage ability for a while but once that sage chakra runs out he is dumped back to regular mode.
Except Pa stated that Naruto's sage mode was perfect. It wasn't incomplete. You can't gather sage chakra while moving, so Sage mode is temporary. Once you use the chakra up, you can't maintain it. The toads fusing with a human sage is so that the person can remain in Sage mode longer. Because the kyuubi wouldn't allow Pa to fuse with Naruto, they couldn't use that technique for him to extend Sage mode and came up with the clones trick.

Jiraiya on the other hand as long as he has those toads on him he has pretty much unlimited access to sage chakra while moving. That would make his version the more complete version.
But it's not more complete. It's not as refined as Naruto's. Again, the frogs fusing with Jiraiya is only so that he could extend his Sage mode.

The only problem with his version is that it unfortunately also causes a form of skin mutation.
Which proves that his was an incomplete/imperfect Sage mode. The only changes that are supposed to occur are the changes with the eyes.

Then again considering how fugly kabuto ended up he could be a lot worse.
Also, again, that was due to Oro's cells taking over over time. Kabuto's sage mode changes consisted of the horns and eyes.

And before you go into his ability to gather Sage chakra while moving as proof of Sages being able to gather sage chakra on the move, that was due to him adding Juugo's clan's ability to passively absorb said chakra to himself.
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