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Re: Naruto 643 Predictions/Spoilers


[Fukusaku is shown standing on Naruto's right shoulder with Shima standing on Naruto's left shoulder]
Fukusaku/Shima: ?! Where are we
[Fukusaku and Shima look around and spot Naruto]
Fukusaku/Shima: Naruto- chan ! (smiles) you grown up a lot !
Naruto: Hehe... (become serious) I summoned you for you to help me in fight
Fukusaku/Shima: ?! (looks around) Where are we anyway ?!
Naruto(keep serious face expression): We are in Fourth Great Shinobi War... our oppponent is Juubi Jinchurki !
Fukusaku/Shima: Juubi Jinchurki ?!
Great Toad Sage: Fukusaku and Shima... I have supervision about you
Fukusaku/Shima: ?!

Great Toad Sage: It wasn't clear and very clouded but you will fight against Juubi Jinchurki...
Fukusaku/Shima: Juubi Jinchurki ?!
Great Toad Sage: Exactly, The Juubi is combination of all nine tailed beasts and was defeated by Sage of six paths...
Fukusaku/Shima: But how it will return then...
Great Toad Sage: I don't know, but I saw you fighting along Someone with great will same as I was fighting along my Master and The Saviour of The World, Sage of six paths. Sage of six paths was my master and as Supreme master of Ultimate Sage mode he taught me way to obtain Sage mode as First Toad long time ago...
Fukusaku/Shima: So that was true... (sweating)

Naruto: What are you talking about Lord Fukusaku and Miss Shima... (pauses) Please connect to me and absorb natural energy for me after I begin to loose it. (spot Fukusaku and Shima doubts) Don't worry, me and Kurama are already partners (smiles)
Fukusaku: It was supervision told to us by Great Toad Sage... that we will face Juubi Jinchurki... You did Naruto-chan(pauses) I am proud of you, well so Kyuubi has name and it's Kurama... Ok, Naruto-chan we will help you
Shima: stop blabering Pa, we have to come back for dinner... (spot Tobirama, Minato and Sasuke sweating) let's do it Pa
Fukusuku: Don't be to excited Ma
[Obito is shown snapping out of Hiruzen's mind control]
Obito: ?! (spot Black shadow sticking to his feet) (spot One of Hiruzen clone keeping him with his giant arms)

[Sudddenly black orbs shoot off from Obito body anihilating Hiruzen's clone completly as he is shown crumbling begining from his hands]
Hiruzen's clone: ?! (get obliterated)
Hiruzen's clone: ?! (spot Obito breaking through shadow which was sticking to him )
Obito: I am done with you !
[Black orbs begin to gather around Obito as many chakra arms are show emerging from Obito's body ]
Side text: Enma transform into Adamantine staff !
Obito: Be gon- ?! (get interrupted)
[Obito is shown being hit by stretching in his direction Adamantine staff which push him away along with his black orbs]
Hiruzen's clone: Genjutsu: freeze of nervous system ! (forms handseals)
Obito: ?! (frozen body)
[Hiruzen's clone try to approach Obito form his back]

Obito: (snap out) What the ?!
[Suddenly Tobirama and Minato appears from both sides with black ball kept by their arms]
Tobirama/Minato: Bijuudama !
[Obito is shown screaming in explosion as only smokes are left after Tobirama and Minato 's pressences just moment ago]
Obito: GAH !!! (envelopes with black sphere) *Even if I can neglect Ninjutsu then still I have to react to them first... cursed Tobirama and sensei and their Flying thunder god technique*
[Sasuke is shown with his Complete Sussano as he prepares barrage of black arrows to shot off]
Sasuke: *He may neglect Ninjutsu but he won't be able if I attack at his point blank* (smirks) Sussano: Barrage of Black blaze relase arrows !
[Obito rise to his feet as barrage of black arrows are shown incomming behind him]
Obito: Ugh... ?! *shit too late...*
[Obito is shown being pierced by many black arrows from behind.]

[Naruto is shown with Ma ana Pa on his shoulders as they are watching Obito sruggling to protect himself]
Naruto: Why Only Senjutsu work on him ?...
Fukusaku/Shima: because he doesn't know Senjutsu if he knew as The Sage of six paths did then he would very much invincible
Naruto: Sage of six paths ?!... How did he know Senjutsu ?!
Fukusaku/Shima: He possesed ultimate Sage mode, which was split into smaller/weaker versions of Senjutsu possible to acquire for different summons. The Sage found out chakra and used it via Ninjutsu to defeat Juubi along with figuring out nature energy to create way to use Sage chakra...
Naruto: so The Sage created Ninjutsu and Senjutsu, amazing... but how he defeated Juubi?!
Fukusaku/Shima: Sage mode give you acces to special technique: total manipulation of natural energy... it could even drain nature energy from living beings...
Naruto: As Juubi (comprehends slowly) if there is way to do that then I will find this way !

[Big Panel shows Obito unharmed with very angry look on his face]
Obito: Time for payback (enraged)
Fukusaku/Shima: Battle that will decide about fate of The world (image them on Jirayia fighting against pein) will happen once again...
[Very dark sky is shown with big shadow covering Obito and stretching in at them.]
End !

Battle will decide about fate of The World !
The End of The world is comming !

644 - The Final Battle is about to begin !

So, what do you think about my prediction guys ?
Sorry for any grammar or typing mistakes

I hope you enjoy reading it


and search for my prediction each week..., my username on this page is KCMNaruto

So check it if you want and enjoy

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