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Re: The Longest Thread Ever v28

Good news everyone!
I'm going to be inactive for a while! *and the crowd goes wild* but first I must apologies for all my stupid and worthless posts...I am so sorry for wasting your time...I tried my best to be cool like you be your friend...but its really hard for me to understand you guys, I can't tell when you are angry, sarcastic or annoyed by my posts, I tried so hard to impress you guys, I tried songs, lyrics, some wallpapers, poetry, drawing and games but nothing seemed 2 worked...but I'm not giving up...thanks to you guys I started studying and took a couple of exams, and am pretty sure I'll pass...I'm going to apply for a government job and hopefully gain some experience...going to be inactive for a no need to kill your brain cells because of me...see you guys later...hope to spam with you guys again...I know you are going to miss me so very very much lol...peace

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