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Re: Naruto 643 Predictions/Spoilers

Originally Posted by Konnaha_yellow_flash View Post

And Minato clearly JUST Heard formt he YIN half of the Kyuubi for the first time, note his surprise and the fact he was using the using the same level of power as this naruto:

Notice that minato's seal on his stomach and chest as well as that^^^ naruto's at that level is the exact same, but in opposite direction which makes since for both considering each have an opposite piece of the Kuubi's power and are using the exact same seal too.

you have to remember that minato already had a coat on before usign the Kyuubi's power while naruto did not, gaining his coat from gaining all of the Kyuubi's power.

Thus, Minato should gain the full power of Yin kurama by next chapter and look like this, but with opposite seal like the previous level:

Thus, Minato is clearly not using the same level of power as naruto and will not until he finally is able to cooperate with the yin half of the Kyuubi...
You do realise that Naruto had to fight Kurama for the chakra mode he used until now. No way can Minato just gain access to the chakra mode without some kind of interaction with Yin Kurama beforehand
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