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Re: Minato's Gift.

Jesus Christ, I can't [read:Won't] dig through all these massive back and forth posts. "Ain't nobody got time for that". Let's just skip to the heart of the argument.

Originally Posted by Konnaha_yellow_flash View Post
So you admit you fixed the quote so the contetx could be obvious while ignoring the Original OP that was all screwed up that I read to make my conclusion, not you... You are just trying to take credit for something when you obviously had a better perspective then me reasing my quote of thi OP's which fixed some of the problem, nto the OP Like did which looked like this..
I'll give $10 to whoever can decipher the meaning of this.

making it obvious why I could make the mistake with the quote all broken up and the first thing it says is "you are wrong". And since I am not going to remember every sentence I write, what else was I supposed to think.
O'RLY? Look again. Here's the original broken quote as it appeared in post #8.

[QUOTE=Konnaha_yellow_flash;2136796]CONCLUSION:You are wrong as usual! Minato is just now in contact with the Kyuubi Yin half, thus has not been working with it, using it's full power this whole time like naruto has with the Kyuubi Yang half.
And only because of his coat, appears similar to current naruto. Yet still lacks the same level of power not working with the Kyuubi Yin half.QUOTE]

This made most sense to me imo...

The first thing it says is [QUOTE=Konnaha_yellow_flash....] Assuming you actually read the whole post, how did you not see your own damn name at the very beginning.

Putting that aside the second thing the post said was..."CONCLUSION". After reviewing this thread (thank you search feature), I can confirm that not only are YOU (KYF) are the only motherfucker that used that word in all Caps in this entire thread, but you used it 4 separate times.

How could you could anyone old enough to know their own damn name read that post and NOT know they wrote it.

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