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Re: Minato's Gift.

Originally Posted by Konnaha_yellow_flash View Post
Your dumbass cannot even comprehend this and yet you complain about my ability to interpret.
Your sentence structure was so screwed up it sounded like the gibberish a heavily medicated hospital patient might say.

LMAO, I just noticed you added one of these "[" to the original so WTF you lying little shit...
I did no such thing you ignorant bastard. Anybody can scroll up to post #8 and see for themselves that the "[" is clearly there in the begginning quote, and missing (hence why the quote was broken) from the ending quote. That is EXACTLY how I presented it in my post above.


This is the original from post 8, not what you have where you clearly added one of these "[" to make it more obvious who the quote was for..
Bold faced lie. (pun intended)

Was clearly not paying attention to that part, duh. the first thing I picked up on was a post from K-lai which started out "CONCLUSION: you are wrong"... Yet you are still trying to argue about this...
Fixed that for you.

It's still hilarious that you would not pay attention to your own goddamn name in the beginning of a post. Keep trying to play that down.

Also the fact that the only person active on this forum who makes long winded posts followed up with "CONCLUSION:" is YOU. You've done it in far to many posts to count, and has become one of your signature moves.

It's called an error, like you never made one before, who gives a shit!!!!
Sure, I make mistakes sometimes. I'm human after all. If I'm in the wrong I don't get all butthurt over it the issue. Humility can be an educational experience. I learn from it and move on. It's such a shame your bloated ego won't allow you to do the same.

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