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Re: Naruto 643

waiting for I enjoy clean polished pages....anyway just to touch on the was aight..hopefully clearer trans will change that. Madara holding off Hashi as Juubito attempts to wreck the area and alliance in one clean swoop. Susanoo has always had those kinda paper looking scales on his armor. Wondering when Hashi will pull out his Sage mode techs. Juugo def needs to get involved..he can at least assist Sasuke. Kinda wanted Kishi to draw the other kyuubi differently.. Kurama recognizing Naruto and the guilt Minato feels.. helping both father and son pull together. Dark half of the Kyuubi is a huge pussy compared to Light Kurama. So Minato will go bijuu mode or maybe even something else will occur. Tobirama is aware his ftg wont save him if he fucks up..which is a foreshadow that he will get caught trying to attack.....Let see how Kishi will continue this fight with Sasuke, Tobirama, Naruto and Minato....
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