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Re: Naruto 643

By Cthulhu, you really are bent to be right at the cost of being both a douchebag and a moron rolled into one massive waste of oxygen. You should really be grateful anyone wastes their Latin on your written diarrhea.

Dumb ass, that was the argument... some idiot thought that minato was using just as much Kyuubi power as naruto which I proved wrong... deal with it...
First, who said that? I'm pretty sure nobody said that and you just assumed so because, well, you're a dumbass.

Second, you proved some illusionary point by backpedaling and instead using power ups that were already in place several chapters before you made the theory? Wow, you're stupid.

And this is what your theory was talking about in terms of chakra:
So then, WHY would minato not use the power of the Kyuubi, but choose to be in Kyuubi chakra mode?
IMO, because he is trying to rebuild the YANG half of the Kyuubi's power within him the same way naruto used his chakra to eventually rebuild the Kyuubi's YIN half to become whole again.and match the power of 5 Bijuu at once which is likely half the Juubi's power in all...
The Kyuubi must have regenerated it;s YIN half of power by drawing off of naruto's power like it did when naruto took away a big portion to use himself, thus his ability to use the power able to match 5 Bijuu at once...
This heavily implies that the Yin half should be different from the Yang half due to leeching, but this chapter proved they're equal. But, of course, you simply forgot about what your theory was built upon and went for a new conclusion that everyone and their mothers knew about for several chapters: that Naruto was better at using Kurama's power than Minato. Yeah, KYF, gloat about that, surely your ego is in dire need for such a pathetic boost.

What you're too stupid to understand is that what people like AMA and myself said is that the chakra quantity is the same (which this chapter proved). But you, being the moron you are, started doing a mental salad with quantity and efficiency and spouted idiocies thinking you dismissed anyone when you were the one denied.

And you are wrong about KCM's as well... Naruto can use chakra arms, got huge boost in seed/reflexes, strength adn power while Minato was performing at the same level he does at base so the manga completely disagrees with you...
Yes, more arguments from ignorance, please. Surely we haven't seen the gajillion times you used them to try to save face, we need more of them!

Yea! ANother stupid nonsensical rant about how big of a baby you are... Keeo it up!
And you still haven't addressed the point, why are you dodging it so much? Oh, right, you know I know you have no rebuttal.

Are you an idiot or something...
FIRST PANEL is naruto just fighting the Kyuubi before he took it's chakra...
SECOND PANEL is naruto taking the chakra form the Kyuubi yet it doe snot shrink...
THIRD PANEL was after naruto tooka way half of the kyuubi power and it did not shrink...

And you will notice that the second panel kyuubi was the smallest while the regular kyuubi and th eone after taking half it's chakra were even bigger then the one that was in the middle of a chakra pull contest with naruto lol...

Third time I post this fucking quote since you're being too stubborn to read it:

It's either stupidity or arrogance that would make anyone spout such bullshit. Are you that blind to the truth to not distinguish intentional art transitions from unintentional art inconsistency? So if Kishimoto made the plot remove Kakashi's scar, you'd just say it doesn't count because it was removed by mistake in previous chapters?

And how could I ONLy Link naruto taking hcakra form it's MIND? the Kyuubi is the Kyuubi!!! By your logic then, the Kyuubi you are basing your counter evidence on is nothing but the mind as well you IDIOT!!!

You Cannot help but contradict yourself constantly can ya!
I'm sorry, where did I contradict myself, even considering your erroneous point of view? Did I say something and say the contrary? Because that's what a contradiction actually is, you helpless, illiterate moron! Jesus, it's like I'm talking to a toddler who doesn't know what words actually mean!

And you really need to reread the Kurama Confinement subarc, because only by forgetting all about it (except looking at the pwetty pictahs like the flashy-craving retard you are) would make you be facetious to the fact Kurama had to be separated from its chakra when the whole subarc was about that.

LEARN to read forrest! I never said it was stupid, just that i did not care about it....
WTF are you talking about? All you are doing is bitching about your stupid timeline argument taking most of it up
Now that is a contradiction by the book. Thanks for one more easy, moronic mistake to illustrate a previous point of mine.
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