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Re: Naruto_644_spoilers/Predictions

recent chapters have made no sense. So im guessing Minato sacrifices himself and gives Naruto the other half of the Kyuubi. Naruto transforms into Super Sayain 3 Kyuubi.

Tobi or whatever he is now, is so surprised and says something corny like "I've never sensed this kind of spiritual pressure, it even suffocates me". His meager quincy powers can't comprehend naruto's spiritual pressure.

This is when the now SSJ3 naruto kyuuby mode decides to unleash his final form by doing the fusion dance with sasuke.

FUUUUU-SIIII-ONNNNNNNNNNNNN -> HAH! Naruto and Sasuke combine into one all powerful being, as the mist of the transforms subsided everyone is star struck by what they see: THE SAGE OF THE SIXTH PATHS.

The sage of the sixth paths in tune with the nature charka is literally a walking, breathing, philosopher stone. He performs human transmutation on Tobi and Madara, by sacrificing them he is able to revive every fallen ninja during the war.

You might say he broke the laws of equivalent exchange, but who cares? Its the sage of the motherfucking sixth paths.

Naruto kisses Sasuke for one last time, manga ends. Naruto was gay all along.
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