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Re: Just a thought and what if's

Originally Posted by emachina View Post
Could I see Sakura turning evil over that situation? Yes, very plausible.

Could Sakura rise to the same level of power as Tobito? Hell no, she couldn't even take out Sasori by herself. Trying to form an organization like Akatsuki and controlling them? Not possible, she's not powerful enough to keep them in line nor does she have the capability to impersonate someone who would instill fear in said group, like Tobito was.
This is taking into consideration the Sakura you know and love to hate.. You are aware of how much in love with Sasuke Sakura has been and always will be. If she was that obsessed I can see her going down a spiral of descent into madness of never being able to see her love agian( THe same motive as Obito)

Seeking to gain power at all costs she trains with Tsunade learning all sorts of poisons and chakra control.. she gets th3e slug summons which allows her to administer poison in much the same way Tsunade can heal through Katsuya. Mind control toxin and paralizing agents and even Genjutsu which she is supposed to be good at can go a long way. this is the key to taking down akatsuki.

Now keep in mind this version is madder than batshit.. lets just say Bellatrix Lastrange posessed Sakura.. this would give you an idea of where I'm going with this

Originally Posted by apacolypz View Post
again...this is a thread of a serious troll...Sakura can't even defeat one single kage on the field....Kishi didn't give her Tsunade's rebirth technique otherwise she could be on the front lines. The most she was given in terms of character development (at a late stage) is the chakra seal on her forehead and the ability to summon Katsuya. Her speed sucks..and the only attribute that exceed the others is her strength. Sakura is a lackluster character who simply like her master doesn't have the required jutsu set to fucking matter. If she is in fact the final villain....there must be a sequel to Road to Ninja where her villainous ways get all the spotlight.

Ya know what I think I'll flesh this out one day in a cool fanfic.. but dont hold me to it.. I really can see a way to make her character into a force not to be fucked with. I mean the chakra scapel gives her a mock Gentle fist poison and chemical knowledge make her as dangerous as Chiyo and Sasori in the poison department. strength from Tsunade and a acid spitting summon that can multiply.. hell there is a lot that she can do .. kishi just isn't that good with his female characters
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