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Re: Just a thought and what if's

Originally Posted by jekyl_hyde View Post
She's even terrible at being a fangirl.... everybody knows that Naruto prefers ramen to sam'iches.

If you believe the thread is a troll thread, have fun with it. Don't take things too serious.
I didn't take it seriously....did I supply KYF panels to say how much this thread sucks or anything of that nature? I said my two cents just like the rest....So my two cents means I took this thread way too seriously???? Maybe you should not take my responses so seriously.

Originally Posted by Human Rasengan View Post
Ya know what I think I'll flesh this out one day in a cool fanfic.. but dont hold me to it.. I really can see a way to make her character into a force not to be fucked with. I mean the chakra scapel gives her a mock Gentle fist poison and chemical knowledge make her as dangerous as Chiyo and Sasori in the poison department. strength from Tsunade and a acid spitting summon that can multiply.. hell there is a lot that she can do .. kishi just isn't that good with his female characters

Write it up.....there are a lot of female ninjas in this manga that have what it takes to stand out and matter. I would love to read a fan fic where Sakura is one bad ass shinobi. Hell focus primarily on a female cast. Sakura needs proper development...start over like in a flashback scene from early part 2. Give her some slug sage mode or show her training behind the scenes or some shit...It is not to say Sakura's character doesn't matter....just that her ability suffers where she could be a pivotal character on the field.

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