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Originally Posted by Spiegel View Post
So KYF's vs. everyone else's bickering was so trivial that you were compelled to register into these forums just to point out the idiocy of the arguments? Now that you have "shown us the light" what would you like, a medal?
The subject matter is trivial. However the constant bickering is annoying for those of us that enjoy smart discussion about the manga/anime. I made an account to point it out.

I've shown you the light? Yes I bring you common human decency. Although slightly less common here I guess. I'm the prophet come to save you all, child of the prophecy. Some call me Naruto.

Originally Posted by ask me anything View Post
I smell a Dupe. The question is...who?
I'm pretty sure the mods can see my IP, im no "dupe". Even if I was, it wouldn't make any difference. I pointed out how absurd it is that some of you rely on personal attacks to prove someone wrong on the internet. over naruto theories.

All the replies I've gotten haven't even discussed anything I've said. They've been simply just more attacks on my character, like "you're a nooby" or "you must be a duplicate account!". Because people being sick of the bullshit inter-fighting constantly winning over intelligent discussion is somehow out of the ordinary here now.

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