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Re: Naruto_644_spoilers/Predictions

well either predictions or humorous parodies...

Since Naruto/Kurama asked the dark half for chakra..I believe Naruto's fist bump will allow him to receive chakra from the dark half to allow him to go bijuu mode... Naruto's Kurama warned him he would need to stay in base mode longer if he wanted to properly utilize the chakra, so his chakra was running low. They both needed the full power of the dark half to quicken the process. Now that the Kurama's have somewhat sided with one another Minato may also go Bijuu mode. The whole "Most powerful Father and Son duo" hopefully will demonstrate both going all out. Sure if this is done it will dramatically increase Naruto's and Minato's speed but will this allow Minato to regenerate his lost limb? Also bijuu attacks don't work only senjutsu so again only Naruto will be attacking while the others fight to distract Juubito. Hashi will continue to help the alliance via clone until Madara really pushes him to his limits. Hashi's clone will pop and leave the alliance needing help. Shikumaru will step in and continue to lead the alliance party. Madara notices Minato and Naruto power up and tries to quickly end his fight with Hashi. Sasuke tries to continue to defend the F/S duo with his Susanoo cloaks. The chapter will focus on the onslaught of bijuu mode while making the team seem efficient enough until Juubito captures Minato. Calling him a failure and making Minato understand his failures. Before he goes he will smile and gift his son the other half of Kurama's chakra. End panel shows Naruto's eyes slowly change toward a ripple...
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