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Originally Posted by Numinous View Post
Both MrBig and TITB, you know what is a great indicator of someone who really has nothing worthwhile to say? Playing the moral superiority card. "I'm far too good to meddle in these discussions but I'm putting my nose on them just to call people stupid. I'm cheeky like that!".
Discussing the nature of the debates on this forum is always relevant. It's really pathetic how I try bring up civil discourse as an oppourtunity to raise the bar of quality of the conversation that takes places, and your only response once again is to resort to personal attacks. Stuck in your old ways.

Forums are designed and meant for discussions and what people are doing? Discussing the manga, be it the latest chapter or details or a possible argument.
Yes leaving out the personal insults and your superiority complex out would make a far better discussion on this forum.

(by attempting to downplay people far more relevant).
Internet famous? really? Now I see. You feel that you positioned yourself as some kind Hero or leader of this forum and anyone that questions you is somehow after your throne. King of fandom forums.

No, you don't matter to me that much. I pointed out something that was heavily annoying and negatively affected the discourse on the forum. That somehow personal attacks is a mean to win an argument. You either agree with that statement or you don't. But I would love to see you try to defend the fact that you calling others "morons" or "idiots" or any other variety of creative insults you throw is relevant to the "manga discussion".

If you two don't like the same people going back and forth, you have a great solution: either enter the discussion and s a means to win attempt to resolve it or go to another forum, it's that easy.
Oh there's the defense.

Nah, i'll point it out. Cause it's goddamn ridiculous and I bet others feel that way too.

Nobody is forcing you to read the discussion (specially when there is an ignore function that allows you guys to bypass it easily), so why complain about something you aren't required to witness?
"Look the other way". It's not like this forum is blossoming with users, its still pretty modest. Maybe you just ignore people you don't agree with cause you rather circlejerk on top on your throne. But not me.

im on a mission to civilize, really. Because I don't agree with the way you try to argue your points by lowering yourself too immature insults, i'm on some kind of moral high horse?

No this is common sense.

have you completely forgot that there are actual arguments on my posts or did you just cherry-pick the shit out of my post just to make a disgustingly pedantic point that has absolutely no need to be made?
the actual argument? 90% of your posts were either

a. straight up insults
b. trying to belittle the other side

Any real informative discussion you had could of probably add up to 3-4 lines.
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