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Re: Naruto 643

Oh great this idiot's back too. What exactly are you fucking mad about? What stick jammed itself up your ass that people having a discussion that isn't fapping to either Kishimoto or KYF is so goddamned offensive? How do you even exist in life if you equate calling someone an idiot to claiming they have mental health problems and need to see a shrink? If the mere idea of people arguing so offends you.

Just dear god. Stop being such a dipshit of a white knight. Do you actually think that it got to the point that no one likes KYF because everyone else is a total dick? He's been on this forum for almost five goddamned years and hasn't gotten anyone to like him at all. Do you know how much effort it takes to actually piss off everyone?

And the fact that you're saying "god you're such a jackass for continuing to argue with this guy when you know you'll never convince him of anything" is just bullshit. Is "winning" an argument honestly the only reason you think there is to bother to use coherent goddamn logic? Now that I think about your track record, coherent logic and you have a rather strained relationship so I guess that makes sense.

And given that you do this same shit every time you decide to post, I'm going to assume your response to this/me would be something along the lines of this: "well you're just another jackass who doesn't give KYF a fair chance". Under normal circumstances this would be intense goddamn strawmanning, but given how little substance your arguments have and how often you just repeat yourself for lack of a point (hey doesn't that sound familiar), I have a fairly good idea of what's in store. To that response I say bullshit, I try time and again to give his shit fair trial and discourse and it's only on rare occasion (that I will not deny the existence of for the sake of argument) that I get anything back other than flame.

Just stop. You're like every bit as self-righteous and delusional as KYF at his worst but you don't even contribute anything to the discussion.
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