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Re: Naruto 643

Originally Posted by TobiIsTheBest View Post
@AOTKorby Once again, I encourage you to read how this started. I never said I was treating them equally (missing reading skills again, reread?) I just said that the argument was directed at both. I also wasn't defending KYF in anyway like you said. Read that comment you linked again and you'll see that I added a part for Num alone.

This is the part that doesn't include KYF. I'm trying to tell him that just because he thinks other people are "morons" doesn't mean they are. There are probably a LOT of people who would say that Num is actually the moron, thus why I called him a hypocrite.
The argument being that they should both stop arguing because they're never going to agree. When you then add the "god Num you should really stop being such a self-centered jerk and try and listen to people for once," you basically nullify any aspect to which the previous argument is meant to be directed at both. You turn it from "both of you stop being such stubborn jackasses" to "KYF, stop arguing with this d-bag who will never agree with you." At which point the argument is purely accusatory toward Num while putting none of the blame on KYF.

And it's not being a hypocrite to call someone an idiot when maybe, just maybe, someone who disagrees with you might call you the same. That's not what hypocrisy means. Hypocrisy would be demanding KYF not use logical fallacies and then knowingly, willingly bloating his posts with them. It would be trying to get the mods involved with KYF's flaming while being a-ok with his significantly lesser flaming. Why do you think I do shit like the "not always, gotta be fair?" I'm not going to be a hypocrite and lie about how KYF acts for the sake of strengthening my argument while demanding you actually stop making shit up god fucking damn it.

And who are you to say why the mods left? Maybe it was actually because of you and Num? Once again, this just shows the elitism in this forum. You, Num, and some people think of yourselves as superiors to everyone else. MrBIG pointed out one of Num's statements that outright shows what I mean. Go reread it again (hope this time your reading is a little better).
First, no. You just don't actually know shit. I know that sounds a bit uppity but this is just not actually correct and it needs to be stated as such. You know why Numinous' name is red? Means the mods respect him and are bros with him and shit. This does not mean that Numinous gets any favoritism from them, that they'd tend to agree with him over someone else just because of who he is. The mods spend most of their time over in the spam zone board talking about whatever they feel like for the most part. A fair number of us have spent time there and most of the people who either have a red name or appear to be on good terms with the red names are also on good terms with the mods because, get this, we actually know them. Unlike you, who seem determined to put your opinions in their mouths.

Second. So what you're saying is that you're the only one who seems to understand how idiotic and awful all of the "kyf haterzzz" and that you're entirely justified in insulting their character and telling them off because you're their moral and intellectual superior and you have to be the one to let all the idiot sheep following that group know what's really going on and how their perceptions of everything are all wrong. Because you're smarter and better than them. Run on sentence blargh. Do you get why complaining about other people's behavior in the way you do is dumb and hypocritical? Why acting like you're better than everyone who isn't trying to oppose the tyranny of Num (lolololol) or worse yet, happens to be the guy, is contradictory and stupid? Every post you make is drenched in self-righteous crap about how awful everyone else is for doing whatever you think is the moral failing of the day.

If you actually think that Num considers himself intellectually superior to everyone and flaunts it over everybody constantly, why do think anyone would put up with that hypothetical person?

The MrBIG post you brought up? You think 3 cherry-picked examples of flame that ignore any actual arguments being made by either side is a "good example"? You a fan of Fox News soundbites or something? I'll be fair and admit that he's being mostly even-handed in the criticism. You don't get that distinction.

Also, I read this forum because it has a very small community. Aside from some people, the comments and arguments are usually worthwhile and actually have some thought to it unlike some arguments where it's 50% insulting. I don't know what you mean by "they ban people who disagree with them". The forums I know don't have mods commenting. They just moderate the forum.
The Mod Formula for most boards: Admin makes fanboard because admin really really likes thing. Mods become Mods because they ended up being friends with Admin because they also really like thing. Dumb people in the forums bitch and report anyone who doesn't like thing. Mods see this as a viable offense and throw out punishments. Easy to figure out. The only people who actually get reported on this board are people who actually commit offenses besides "NARUTO ISN'T THE BEST MANGA EVVRRRR". Such as the fake shit "644" thread that got opened up earlier to fuck with people.

Do you actually know why Numinous and KYF argue so much? KYF posts a lot. A lot. A whole goddamned lot. Numinous is a regular here and responds to people's posts while also making his own. Numinous responds to a KYF post. If it's particularly stupid, Num throws in some jabs at KYF's smarts based on prior experience. Years and Years of prior experience. KYF usually (not always must be fair) responds with flamey non-rebuttal that makes at least as many jabs at whomever is responding to him and has the same uppity superior tone you seem to think Num is stuck in. They respond back and forth to each other. BAM. Debate. Woo. With the exception of when new people come to the board and bitch and moan about how much shit the manga gets here and when someone allows a flame war to escalate, all the people you seem to think are circlejerking each other so hard are the ones who have the reasonable, civilized discussions that make the forum less shitty than others.
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