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Re: Naruto 643

@AOTKorby It's funny because now you're turning this argument into an argument about KYF. And you say I'm the one kissing ass. That's very funny considering you just wrote a paragraph about how everyone loves Numinous and how everything he writes is amazing. Just because I added a part about what I think of Num doesn't mean I'm kissing KYF's ass. They're both wrong for not ignoring each other. And don't say that everyone agrees with Num and that no one would call him an idiot. There are already a couple of people here that don't like him and that's in a forum of around 15 people. He's a hypocrite because he thinks that other people are idiots for not thinking how he thinks which is just dumb.

Now, you say Num only replies to KYF? Well, look at this:

11th post of the thread. Does this look like a reply? He brought back a theory a long time ago.

Oh yeah and just because Numinous has a red labelled nametag doesn't mean he isn't one of the reasons the mods left. Maybe they subconsciously got annoyed by the repetitiveness of all the arguments. All I see is KYF-Num-KYF-*random user*-Num-KYF-*random user* on all the threads. It's also sad because some of the random users have intellectual things to say in between all the insults that Num and KYF say.

Why do people put up with people that act all high and mighty? That's just how life works. Also, he might not have been like this before and he only started being like this after he got the red tagged name (maybe).

You turned this into a Num kiss ass thread. My main argument was that KYF and Num should ignore each other and that Num (to me) has a self centered personality. I didn't say anything positive about KYF either so don't even try saying I'm kissing KYF's ass. If you look at my sig, you can see that a lot of people on this forum seem to make up things (especially you since you're the one in the sig). I find it very funny that you said that and 2 days later I find a user calling out KYF and trying to start yet another long boring argument that floods the site.

Now either talk about what we were talking about in the beginning or add Num on a social media site/program and kiss his ass there. Be sure to bow down to him on camera just to prove your inferiority too.
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KYF starts nearly every flame war in these bullshit debates.
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So...first of all: FUCK YOU KYF ! And your Shisui theories.
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