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Re: Naruto 643

Originally Posted by TobiIsTheBest View Post
@Numinous Whatever. I'm not going to bother reading all of it because no matter what you won't be convinced. Let me just tell you this: If you think KYF's theories are pathetic and he's moronic then just go ahead and ignore him. If you don't then you're at the same level (which you say is moronic) as him. Same goes for KYF, if you're annoyed by Numinous just ignore him. It makes the forum a better place for new users.

I'm not going to bother saying anything because now the "I love Numinous" fan group has come. You know who you are (just look at the thank yous).

There's no chance you'll ever listen to another persons advice (especially a low member like TITB of course). You say KYF's skulls too thick yet you can't seem to take in what I'm saying and actually listen. Let's just leave it at this; if you don't ignore him then you're just as thick skulled as him and if KYF doesn't too then he's thick skulled.

Also, note to MrBIG: Don't bother with them. They think they're far too superior mentally to listen to us.
Funny thing is, they all used to claim that he was on their ignore list. Weak-minded is as weak-minded does. I learned a while ago not to bother trying to debate with people who just want to bitch and argue all the time. Why else would anyone constantly bitch about and argue with someone they consider an idiot who either never understands or just never accepts what they are saying? This place was cool before all that douche-baggotry came along and flooded every page on which KYF posted. A lot of members who used to have a lot of interesting thoughts hardly post here anymore. The douchefags have turned this Fandom forum into the Fagdom forum. Like many others, I'm sure, that's one of the reasons I don't even bother wasting my time posting here anymore.
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