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Re: Naruto 643

Originally Posted by TobiIsTheBest View Post
@kael03 Good job over analyzing a comment that was already obvious. I'm sure AOT thought of all of that before he posted it. He said that those users were a reason the mods left. It's obvious. Anyone that reads it will come to that conclusion.

Oh yeah and Num never starts an argument without someone else starting it right?

This is after KYF replied to a completely different comment. Goes to show that Num is the one that starts these arguments. Btw, this caused a 10 page repeat of a KYF/Num argument.
So despite the fact that "why does senjutsu counter natural energy" was an ongoing topic in that thread that was making up a large part of the discussion, and despite the fact that Numinous had posted about it already, and despite the fact that Num included right in there that he made that post because KYF was all-but-insulting the intelligence of Senkrad with his post's content and tone, clearly this is Num attacking KYF out of the blue. Yep.

I'll say it again. If you're so goddamn against flaming and uncivil discussion tell me right now why you're accepting the "aid" of LD, when he's being no more or less flamey than us. Try and logically justify siding with him when his point was essentially "lol these guys are total bitches". He's doing nothing really different from us, but he's on your side. Go ahead.

EDIT @LD: Sorry to make a point out of you but I'm trying to make this faux-moralistic jackass see why he's no better than anyone else.
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