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Re: Naruto 643

Did someone say LD's name in the mirror 3 times or some shit?
My thoughts exactly. It's funny how MrBig started it and TITB and LD got out of the woodworks. What, you two lurk the forums all the time and barge in when you can have support to spout your white knight bullshit? I can't think of something sadder to do while in a forum.

First, TITB:
@Numinous Whatever. I'm not going to bother reading all of it because no matter what you won't be convinced.
In other words, you just want to save face while pretending you're too good for my arguments. What a load.

If you think KYF's theories are pathetic and he's moronic then just go ahead and ignore him. If you don't then you're at the same level (which you say is moronic) as him. Same goes for KYF, if you're annoyed by Numinous just ignore him. It makes the forum a better place for new users.
I tried to ignore him. It didn't work. So why don't you try some other solution instead of beating a dead horse?

I'm not going to bother saying anything because now the "I love Numinous" fan group has come. You know who you are (just look at the thank yous).
And liondemon is thanking your post, so what will you tell me, that he is a rational person and those who tank me are just my groupies. For someone complaining about hypocrisy, you sure commit some of your own.

There's no chance you'll ever listen to another persons advice (especially a low member like TITB of course).
False. I'll listed to advice IF said advice actually does make sense. Yours doesn't, simple as that.

So Num says that he's "ignoring" KYF and continously calls him names that insult his intelligence yet he wastes so much time to make a thread showing a bunch of fallacies which is most likely directed at KYF. Genius.
Aren't you just a paladin of good costumes! First, he's not on my ignore list for a few months. Second, if you actually knew about logic, you'd know there's a difference between using a, well, less nice adjective and ad hominem (hint: ad hominem have no actual argument attached to them). Third, are you really giving me shit for trying to help people with a thread that was created for all, not just KYF?

And I'm the douchebag, right...

Oh yeah and Num never starts an argument without someone else starting it right?

Originally Posted by Numinous You know, if you are to answer to somebody's question, you should actually answer it instead of giving an half-formed obvious-as-hell statement that doesn't answer it. Why does senjutsu counter Nature Chakra? I'd be eager to know because I sure as hell don't know and I think that's where Senkradlol was headed to with his question.
This is after KYF replied to a completely different comment. Goes to show that Num is the one that starts these arguments. Btw, this caused a 10 page repeat of a KYF/Num argument.
The royal fuck? Like AOTK said, I was already discussing the situation and had the same doubt Senkradlol had, so it is why I said what I said when KYF presents a non-answer. Are you really that childish to assume that is somehow me picking on KYF just to argue with him? Are you really that delusional to think I put up with KYF because I like and not because I see something that bares refutation that would be made no matter who'd say it?

And before you go play the white knight card, I was the first one to correct kael about the Chinese/Japanese fiasco, so you can stop with brain farts on how somehow I'm a meanie for KYF and KYF is some pristine maiden that does nothing wrong but to pay me attention.

Next on line, LD:

Why else would anyone constantly bitch about and argue with someone they consider an idiot who either never understands or just never accepts what they are saying?
Oh, ooops, sorry for actually trying to interact with someone in hopes to work something out instead of simply throwing the towel and go away. That is surely much more humane, don't you think?

This place was cool before all that douche-baggotry came along and flooded every page on which KYF posted.
You mean when KYF and Myth were at each other's throats and people just flocked to see how two people with mostly incomprehensible grammar and syntax went at it? If that was cool, sure, be my guest, but I don't share the sentiment.

What do you mean about making the mods leave? I was talking about members. Miburo was no better than some of the people to whom I was referring, and he was really the only mod who posted here.
Miburo left because he had to hand his computer to his sister and still haven't come up with a new one for him.

SirB used to post here as well. He was cool. I just figured he stopped posting here because he got tired of the faggotry too.
It must really easy to put words on people's mouth when they aren't there. Because, unless you have a way to prove it, that's what you're doing.

You should see how Vengeance makes some of them cower though. He's done it more than once. Vengeance points out their faggotry, and the fags shut the fuck up and go missing for at least a day. It's funny as hell.
Like he lambasted your ass and you disappeared for months? That was hilarious!

Finally, MrBig:

What you do barely qualifies as discussion.
Weak. Moving the goalposts, eh? You just whined about the tone of discussion and that's it.

shut down a discussion? Which discussion have I tried to shut down? I pointed out the triviality of the discussion. That fact that it was unimportant (relatively) was to point how ridiculous resorting to name calling to prove someone wrong on the internet is.
Oh, now you're the dictator of what is important and what's not. For someone accusing me of narcissism, you sure as hell have an inflated ego there. And, by the way, discussion simply needs a subject being discussed by two or more people, the tone of it doesn't matter at all because not everybody gives a fuck about political correctness.

The theory discussion is great but when you resort to slandering in a stupid attempt to "win" an argument just comes off as childish and dilutes the valid points you're trying to make.
I don't use adjectives to win an argument, I was them because that's how I roll. I actually bet on the actual content of the arguments, I'm not a pansy as you to be caught on measly details that are really irrelevant to the whole and they're just there to give a slight edge.

I haven't "stretched" anything. Never claimed you were a narcissist but merely you have a inflated ego.
but since you brought up narcissim:
Oh boy, another Dr. Phil wannabe projecting onto me. Why do I have to put up with uncredited doctors of the mind that are really just trying to save face?

Dude, I'm a perfectionist, it's kind of impossible for a perfectionist to be a narcissist because the first is always doubting himself, while the latter does the opposite. So your sad attempt at cereal box psychology has absolutely no relevancy to my psyche whatsoever.

And you actually believe your constant bickering, insults and personal attacks is a demonstration of your strength?
No, the wholeness of the argument is what my strength is (in both English and logic). I just have the courage of using English' full extent instead of acting like a conservative moral beacon of the 50's that can't hear the word "panties".

Oh believe it or not, I don't post for an audience.
Then you already failed your objective of trying to change the forum's paradigm. Congratulations at shooting your own foot.
But obviously unlike me you've gotten people to "listen to your words". Congratulations, im guessing your constant stream of insults isn't done to further your arguments and points but to keep people's attention.
What if you actually asked people, like AOTK, kael, j_H, emachina, SD, ACt, etc why I managed to befriend them instead of assuming stupid things? After all, knowing is much better than assuming, don't you think?
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