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Re: Naruto 643

Originally Posted by TobiIsTheBest View Post
I never said I'm anti flame... Are you reading my comments or are you just skimming through them? You're reading skills are very very very very bad to say the least. Once again, the fact that don't always see LD or even see LD swearing means he doesn't leave a bad mark on people. You and Num on the other hand think that every sentence needs to belittle the other person.
Originally Posted by TobiIsTheBest View Post
@Spiegal It's not arguing about Naruto when 50% of the comments are directed at the other person.
So if posts that are oh so flamey are the reason you have a problem with the back-and-forth, how exactly are you suddenly pro flame war?

What do you even mean by "leave a bad mark on people," hmm? Are you worried that the children are going to have their innocence destroyed or someone's delicate sensibilities will be injured? How exactly have regular forumgoers arguing with some, by your standards, unnecessarily meeeaaaan language actually hurt, oh I don't know, anyone?

Again, sorry to make a point of it, but most of the time when LD comes on it's usually in response to some kind of argument where he perceives that someone is being unfairly ganged up on, with zero regard for the actual argument, and curses out the dickriders (trademark). He's not on much, but that's been his M.O. for the better part of 2 years at this point.

The reason I say this is because you seem pretty willing to forgive LD's largely flamey (we're not the ones complaining about petty insults, it's honestly not a problem to any of us) posts because they're directed at the people you disagree with. "Oh I don't see him much," "Oh he doesn't do it often enough for it to be a problem." Bullshit. How is it that LD jumping into the conversation with pretty much just flame and agreeing with you is less "the problem" than everyone else having a normal goddamn argument but with some flame back and forth?

LD, honestly don't care enough to take offense at your stuff. Not trying to attack you with any of this, just TiTB at this point really.
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