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Originally Posted by ask me anything View Post
1) You could be using software to camouflage your IP. God knows I do.

2) Different IP addresses don't mean shit. You could be accessing this account from a separate area than you usually do. When I was in college I would surf this site from the labs at school, or with my phone using Wifi at a restaurant I use to eat at.

3) The Mods really don't give a shit.

4) What if you were a Mod that's trolling us??? Dun Dun Dun...the plot thickens.
yeah I could jump around rings, find a proxy, sign in and post on an alternative account, but I don't know a reason why I would do that.

I'm no dupe, but like I said it doesn't matter if people don't believe me. Why is it important?

Originally Posted by Numinous View Post
My thoughts exactly. It's funny how MrBig started it and TITB and LD got out of the woodworks. What, you two lurk the forums all the time and barge in when you can have support to spout your white knight bullshit?
again, confronted by people with differing opinions, resort to personal attacks. classic.

Finally, MrBig:

Weak. Moving the goalposts, eh? You just whined about the tone of discussion and that's it.
you go on and on about reading comprehension. First it was that I was against the discussion (your prior reply to me) and now it's im against the tone of discussion.

Let's make it clear right now. leave your interpretations for your manga theories. Here is what im complaining about:

The constant insults are annoying and achieve nothing in discourse. Calling others moronic for having a different OPINION, only makes you look like a mad little kid that can't get everyone to agree with him.


Oh, now you're the dictator of what is important and what's not. For someone accusing me of narcissism, you sure as hell have an inflated ego there.
Yes im the dictator. The statement that fan theories are RELATIVELY unimportant in the grand scheme of things is absurd. I didn't know they represented such a priority in your life and if that's the case I apologize. Cause now I see why you would get so pissed off to resort to insulting your "opponents".

I guess i'll explain further, your fan theories aren't even theories but hypothesees based on different interpretations. Calling someone a moron or an idiot for having a different interpretation than yours is absolutely ridiculous.

Discussion of the manga is always important TO THE FORUM, but your reaction to people who disagree with you is over the line erratic, You would think they killed your first born.

And, by the way, discussion simply needs a subject being discussed by two or more people, the tone of it doesn't matter at all because not everybody gives a fuck about political correctness.
I'm not discussing political correctness here. If you were going around calling people the n word or babbling on about sexist opinions, this conversation we're having would be totally different.

I don't use adjectives to win an argument, I was them because that's how I roll. I actually bet on the actual content of the arguments, I'm not a pansy as you to be caught on measly details that are really irrelevant to the whole and they're just there to give a slight edge.
What edge? Like I said before, hiding your argumentative points in a sea of incoherent, uncalled for insults does nothing but dilute your message and annoy others.

Oh boy, another Dr. Phil wannabe projecting onto me.
me, me, me. me.

Why do I have to put up with uncredited doctors of the mind that are really just trying to save face?

Dude, I'm a perfectionist, it's kind of impossible for a perfectionist to be a narcissist because the first is always doubting himself, while the latter does the opposite.
In no way is narcissism and perfectionism mutually exclusive traits. Obsession over yourself is a similar trait that can be found in both. How the hell does a narcissist not doubt himself? It's how he responds to those doubts that makes a person narcissistic or not.

Whatever, all I mentioned was your inflated ego and supposed self-importance to this forum based on your seniority or "relevancy" like you call it really has nothing to do with this discussion.

No, the wholeness of the argument is what my strength is (in both English and logic). I just have the courage of using English' full extent instead of acting like a conservative moral beacon of the 50's that can't hear the word "panties".
This is laughable, baseless insults are one the lowest bars someone can resort themselves too. And you see it as a strength. A child could do the same.

I guess dropping "moron", "idiot" and "stupid" every now and then in your discourse literally makes you Shakespeare or something.

Not having to rely on trying to personally attack your opponent to win arguments to me is a more defining characteristic of a person that excels in language and logic.


Then you already failed your objective of trying to change the forum's paradigm. Congratulations at shooting your own foot.
Yes I was to be the Messiah, bringing peace and love. A better future for our children.

The original goal was just to point how pretentious some people sound literally calling eachother names over differing "fan theories".

and then it all just evolved into a discussion about common sense and human decency and my surprise on how these things are so absent that people think im on moral high horse for DARING to suggest a more civil discourse to encourage actual intelligent discussion instead of flaming.

What if you actually asked people, like AOTK, kael, j_H, emachina, SD, ACt, etc why I managed to befriend them instead of assuming stupid things? After all, knowing is much better than assuming, don't you think?
I haven't ASSUMED anything about your character. All the points i've made directly about you are based on the replies you've sent me. I'm not sure why I would ask people to talk about you on your behalf, you're right here.

If i've wrongly judged you, I apologize but you've given me nothing suggesting that you are any different than what I've criticized you with.

Originally Posted by ask me anything View Post
Hey kid, why don't you take your butt hurt crusade here. If you can convince those guys to join your cause then I will gladly join you. Have fun with that.
Sure thing bossman, 4chan is my personal army afterall.

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