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Re: Naruto 643

Originally Posted by MrBIG View Post
again, confronted by people with differing opinions, resort to personal attacks. classic.
For someone complainging about my reading comprehension, you surely have none of your own. What I said wasn't about opinion, it was about action (in the case, lurking the forums and only jump in for pansy white knighting). And really, I find it sad that people don't participate in the forum and instead just watch it and jump in when they see an opportunity to attack others.

you go on and on about reading comprehension. First it was that I was against the discussion (your prior reply to me) and now it's im against the tone of discussion.
One thing leads to another. So, really, your reading comprehension is the one lacking.

The constant insults are annoying and achieve nothing in discourse. Calling others moronic for having a different OPINION, only makes you look like a mad little kid that can't get everyone to agree with him.
  1. My language is annoying to you. You can't speak as if you were a majority.
  2. Opinions can be wrong. Many opinions shown here are wrong.
  3. Again, you are assuming that I rage if people don't agree with me. Couldn't be more wrong, I have engaged with Miburo and Mal with opposite opinions of mine and we were civil about it. The difference between them and you two and KYF is that they know their shit, unlike you who is fairly ignorant of this forum or KYF who is fairly ignorant in many fields of science and literature.
Yes im the dictator. The statement that fan theories are RELATIVELY unimportant in the grand scheme of things is absurd. I didn't know they represented such a priority in your life and if that's the case I apologize. Cause now I see why you would get so pissed off to resort to insulting your "opponents".

Are you trolling me or you're that stupid? This is a section to talk about Naruto, including any fan theories, so why shouldn't anyone discuss them if you deem them unimportant? The only unimportant thing here is you, who added nothing of worth to the forum and instead wants to shut its workings down.

Calling someone a moron or an idiot for having a different interpretation than yours is absolutely ridiculous.
What if they're being a moron or an idiot because they're interpretation makes no goddamn sense? Because that what happens a lot of times here. For example, KYF thought Hiruzen assisted Mito's birth labor just because Kishimoto used a figure of speech with "we" and, after I pointed out that in the timeline it couldn't be, he said Kishimoto wouldn't be able of using said figure of speech.

What you'll say to me now, that anyone shouldn't say what's clearly wrong and let people carry on with their ignorance? Sorry, I'm morally opposed to such corrosive passiveness.

I'm not discussing political correctness here. If you were going around calling people the n word or babbling on about sexist opinions, this conversation we're having would be totally different.
You're complaining about insults, that is also covered by political correctness, last time I checked.

What edge? Like I said before, hiding your argumentative points in a sea of incoherent, uncalled for insults does nothing but dilute your message and annoy others.
The problem is that I don't hide any arguments behind my langauge, you are just too much of a pansy to actually read them because you just bother with the language. I really don't have to cater to such frivolous people.

Also, incohererent, uncalled for insults? You clearly have absolutely no clue whatsoever of what trespasses around here. Did you know that KYF, the guys who haven't said nothing negative about even when he lambasted you as a Sex in the City character, called others of suicidal, made plenty of homophobic remarks and is xenophobic as fuck? Really, you being bothered with me calling others of idiots and morons and not those behemoths of foul only reveals your shallow mind.

me, me, me. me.
What an idiot. If they're directed to me, what am I supposed to say, that they're directed to the Dalai Lama? You really were stupid on that attempt to mark me as a narcissist.

In no way is narcissism and perfectionism mutually exclusive traits. Obsession over yourself is a similar trait that can be found in both.
And claiming the status of the existence of god is both found in atheism and theism, are you going to tell me they're not mutually exclusive? You really have no clue about what you're talking about.

How the hell does a narcissist not doubt himself? It's how he responds to those doubts that makes a person narcissistic or not.
Narcissists respond to doubt by inflating their ego or targetting the source of doubt (narcissistic rage). Perfectionists, on the other hand, get stuck on the doubt and bust their balls over it. If you actually knew me instead of assuming things about me, you'd know that I write as an hobby and that many times I get stuck in writing blocks because I can't figure a way out to my doubts. You can ask anyone here, they know this as happened to me for a few times and that I delayed chapters in the fanfiction thread because of it.

Whatever, all I mentioned was your inflated ego and supposed self-importance to this forum based on your seniority or "relevancy" like you call it really has nothing to do with this discussion.
This is what doesn't make sense. I have an inflated ego for saying the obvious, that KYF and I are more relevant than you? Seniority alone allows that, and you aren't the first or the last to jump in and attack either one of us just for attention grabbing, because you still haven't convinced me that's not what you're trying to do here.

This is laughable, baseless insults are one the lowest bars someone can resort themselves too. And you see it as a strength. A child could do the same.
What you're not getting here is that I didn't confined myself just to be pleasing to the overall society, I'm upfront with who I am and I'm not afraid to use any kind of language, that my friend is definately a strength.

I guess dropping "moron", "idiot" and "stupid" every now and then in your discourse literally makes you Shakespeare or something.
One more strawman for the counting. I didn't say anything of the sort, but, for the record, Shakespeare was fairly known for dirty innuendos. "Much ado about nothing" is really packed with them, starting on the title. So I think you really picked a bad example to run with.

Not having to rely on trying to personally attack your opponent to win arguments to me is a more defining characteristic of a person that excels in language and logic.
Considering I can do that with people that aren't farting with their brains, you're again preaching to the choir.

Yes I was to be the Messiah, bringing peace and love. A better future for our children.

The original goal was just to point how pretentious some people sound literally calling eachother names over differing "fan theories".

and then it all just evolved into a discussion about common sense and human decency and my surprise on how these things are so absent that people think im on moral high horse for DARING to suggest a more civil discourse to encourage actual intelligent discussion instead of flaming.
No, people gave you shit because you started acting like a moralist that thinks he's better than everyone else. Who the fuck are you to dictate what is ought to do and is ought not to do? Nobody, that's what you are, and people won't listen to people criticizing them and not having a simple drop of relevancy to do so.

I haven't ASSUMED anything about your character. All the points i've made directly about you are based on the replies you've sent me.
Therefore assuming, thanks for confirming my point.

I'm not sure why I would ask people to talk about you on your behalf, you're right here.
Since you are assuming they're sticking with me because I grab their attention with colorful language, I simply asked you to be the moral guy instead of pretending to be one and actually know what is the situation. Because, if you don't know the situation, your opinions are pretty much invalid from the get go. That's everyone else but other butthurt white knights are berating you, because you have no clue about what you're talking about and instead assume things that have no sense in the context of reality.

If i've wrongly judged you, I apologize but you've given me nothing suggesting that you are any different than what I've criticized you with.
What a filthy, backhanded lie. You don't apologize for shit if you're still insulting me, so don't come with your disgusting cynicism. Be a man for once and stop pretending things you clearly aren't.

Sure thing bossman, 4chan is my personal army afterall.
And this is the sign of someone who lost his shit and his grasping at any straws to actually look relevant for once.
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