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Re: Magi 193

Crazy great chapter.....we have all been guessing how much power does this bitch have....eps when all her kids joined forces to shut down the medium she sat back and watched with that spiteful grin on her face....So she was a magi...well how the hell is she alive when lady Schereza or whatever is dying of old age? Dude teleported a fucking mountain on top of the it wasn't anything...Hakuei going scorned woman and unleashing her might with the sea as her catalyst. Ren being one of Solomon's magi...rises so many questions...A timeskip would be fine for me....She is like Aladdin...her power should be greater even without Solomon's wisdom. If Aladdin went up against Al Tharmen or whatever right now they would lose. The Alliance group of fighters seriously is in need of help. With their magoi running low and their dijinn equips soon to fade....everyone present is in dangerous risk of being killed. Sinbad would be perfect for interfering right now. It would be good for the General to witness how a righteous King like Sinbad operates. Also I like your idea Askmeanything...I think pushing the medium into a dimension or even into the dark old world would be the best idea. Any place on Earth makes that thing even it sand, water, fire or absorbs it all...Putting him in a place where he can't replenish his ruhk is the best way to go about it.
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