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Re: One Piece 718

Still wondering why Law hasn't teleported outta there....trying to fight two big players and protect his investment just isn't working for him. Dofla has arranged everything and has caught Luffy in his snare. It would be related to a Glyph but it also could just be his family tree and how the WG/Royals came to be. On one side you have the Dwarves, SH-Heart Alliance, Toys, and the Zoan/Dwarf army. Then on the other side you have the Marines, Dofla Family, CP0, Colosseum fighters (distraction). Law really can't attempt to hide Ceasar's heart with Nami and crew as they are under attack.. They should escape soon because they destroyed Art Art ladies shit and beat up her henchmen...Someone will come to their rescue...
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