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Re: Naruto 643

Originally Posted by TobiIsTheBest View Post
According to you, anyone that tries to suggest anything new is a moron, white night, or idiot. You guys are very very thick headed and I hope one day you'll realize what I mean.
I assume "something new" is meant to be taken as "what I want". Because that's all you've been doing. You don't actually care about what pretty much anyone else thinks on this board considering you try to speak for their opinions and miss the mark by a mile. You don't actually give a damn about whether your demands are illogical or hypocritical. You don't actually have any respect for the integrity of debate and discussion on this board considering that you're trying to essentially censor it and are perfectly willing to try and duck out of an argument with the bullshit "I'm too good to keep this discussion going" card.

Newsflash: most of us on here speculate and argue and predict and whatnot purely for the intellectual stimulation as well as shits and/or giggles. All the "useless" discussion you're railing against has done nothing of actual dislike and defamation of character compared to what you bring to the forum every time you post. It's fucking annoying being told lies about the kind of person some person who doesn't know you at all thinks you are. If you so want to look down on everyone and judge them from your deranged city on the hill, at least interact with the forum in some meaningful way. At least actually interact with people in a way besides "WOW YOU'RE SUCH ASSHOLES YOU SHOULD ALL JUST STOP POSTING GOD." Because that's all you ever post, and that's all you ever bring to the board. Baseless anger and judgment at problems that only exist in your head.

@Num You say you've tried ignoring him but if you did there would be at least ONE thread where you and him don't engage in a useless discussion.


I could go on but the point's been made.
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