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Re: Naruto 643

Originally Posted by Numinous View Post
, [..] when they see an opportunity to attack others.
That's rich, attacking others is what you base your argumentative style on.

One thing leads to another. So, really, your reading comprehension is the one lacking.
Discussion doesn't have to lead to bad discussion tone. What the hell are you talking about?

  1. My language is annoying to you. You can't speak as if you were a majority.
  1. Opinions can be wrong. Many opinions shown here are wrong.

1. Obviously there's more than just me. However I've never said anything about representing a majority. [reading comprehension again]
2. Opinions can be wrong, however rarely can you PROVE someone being wrong when these opinions are based on interpretation. Which is probably why insulting people is how you try to prove your statements.


This is a section to talk about Naruto, including any fan theories, so why shouldn't anyone discuss them
Amazing, you either really fail to understand the basic concepts im trying to convey or you're being ignorant on purpose.

The emotional response (the need you have to insult others) you bring to the argument is unnecessary and disproportionate with the importance of the subject at hand.

If this forum was about ice cream the equivalent argument would be you calling others "moron" or "stupid" for liking a different flavor then yourself.

Both theories were merely extrapolations of different interpretations of the Manga. There's a severe lack of any real evidence to support most fan made theories, which is why they're open for discussion.

instead wants to shut its workings down.
I want to shut the forum down now by suggesting some to be a bit more civil?

For example, KYF thought Hiruzen assisted Mito's birth labor just because Kishimoto used a figure of speech with "we"
Somethings aren't OPEN to interpretations, a fan theory about an event we already know sufficient details from, doesn't make sense. The same way I can't make up a theory on how Hitler died or something. So on that point you're right.

Yet I don't see how someone being unsure where certain events happened in a manga timeline would qualify them as a moron? This is another example of disproportionate emotional response.

What you'll say to me now, that anyone shouldn't say what's clearly wrong and let people carry on with their ignorance? Sorry, I'm morally opposed to such corrosive passiveness.
Yes refraining from insulting someone is equivalent to being passive? For the sake of the forum it's practically your "duty" to participate in discussion and even point out where he was wrong. IT'S HOW you engage in the discussion that either:

a. becomes an opportunity where someone actually LEARNS something and where they were wrong.
b. A flame fest cause you lowered yourself into littering logical points with insults. Offending whoever you replied to.

I don't have to explain to you these basic concepts, you're smart enough to have already known them. How do you think someone is going to respond after being called a "moron" or an "idiot"? You're actively starting the fire under the guise of educating people and not letting them "carry on with their ignorance".

You're complaining about insults, that is also covered by political correctness, last time I checked.
Check again.
Political correctness: "The avoidance of forms of expression or action that are perceived to exclude, marginalize, or insult certain groups of people."

By calling people stupid you're only attacking an individual, not a defined group.

The problem is that I don't hide any arguments behind my langauge, you are just too much of a pansy to actually read them
The problem is that the insults you use are part of your argument. Like I said earlier in this post your objective isn't discussion but starting "flame wars".

Did you know that KYF, , called others of suicidal, made plenty of homophobic remarks and is xenophobic as fuck? Really, you being bothered with me calling others of idiots and morons and not those behemoths of foul only reveals your shallow mind.
I called you both out on my original post and obviously everything I pointed out in the lasts posts are basic concepts of human decency that applies to everyone.

What an idiot. If they're directed to me, what am I supposed to say
If that's what you meant, then you're use of words made no sense. Im guessing you don't know what "projection" means.

If that's the definition of "projection" you did in fact meant to use; it would signify that I'm only using you as a punching-bag, for other unrelated problems. and yes that is a pretty egotistical way of looking at criticism.

"it's not me, it's them''

And claiming the status of the existence of god is both found in atheism and theism, are you going to tell me they're not mutually exclusive?
Terrible analogy. the status of the existence of god(s) is what seperates both. Perfectionism and narcissism aren't at odds, both traits can be found in a person.

Narcissists respond to doubt by inflating their ego or targetting the source of doubt (narcissistic rage).
didn't you say that narcissistic people don't have any doubts?Suddenly you changed your tune when I mentioned how wrong you were, But yet im the one being called an idiot?

here's the quote by the way:
it's kind of impossible for a perfectionist to be a narcissist because the first is always doubting himself, while the latter does the opposite.
"opposite of always doubting himself"

Perfectionists, on the other hand, get stuck on the doubt and bust their balls over it.
The want to achieve perfection isn't a trait that isnt absent from narcissistic people. Instead of pretending to know what you're talking about, I recommend you actually read about Narcissistic perfectionism.

This is what doesn't make sense. I have an inflated ego for saying the obvious, that KYF and I are more relevant than you? Seniority alone allows that, and you aren't the first or the last to jump in and attack either one of us just for attention grabbing.
You have an inflated ego for suggesting that your seniority is of any importance in this discussion.

Secondly, wait wasn't I the dupe account? I made a duplicate account in hopes of attention grabbing? What

Assuming I had a "main account" if attention grabbing was my goal, I would certainly not make a dupe.

What you're not getting here is that I didn't confined myself just to be pleasing to the overall society, I'm upfront with who I am and I'm not afraid to use any kind of language, that my friend is definately a strength.
So edgy, nonconformist to societies views! Actively trying to be little people isn't a strength, no matter how much times you try to twist or spin it. The excuse that this is simply "who you are" is a weak one.

One more strawman for the counting.
Please, I beg you. Don't confuse hyperbole with a "staw man"

I didn't say anything of the sort, but, for the record, Shakespeare was fairly known for dirty innuendos. "Much ado about nothing" is really packed with them, starting on the title.
Play on words and openly confronting sexuality in the 1598 has no relevant link to your banal use of insults. Nice try though.

No, people gave you shit because you started acting like a moralist that thinks he's better than everyone else.
Now you're arguing about what I supposably think. Weren't you the one making this big fuss about assumptions?

Really hypocritical of you.

Who the fuck are you to dictate what is ought to do and is ought not to do? Nobody, that's what you are, and people won't listen to people criticizing them and not having a simple drop of relevancy to do so.

Again, you're so caught up with your own importance to this forum it's unbelievable. Who am I? I'm MrBIG and I brought up valid points on the state of discourse on this forum. Your problem isn't about WHO'S criticizing you, it's about that someone IS criticizing you.

There are few other members who have much more seniority than I do and expressed their concern, you treated them the same. "white knighting"


Therefore assuming, thanks for confirming my point.
My information about you was gathered directly from you in your replies to me. Yet somehow their assumptions? If what I've seen from you in your replies to me ISN'T who you are, you have yet to prove to ME the contrary.

I can't ASSUME who you are by asking your friends, I'll judge you with how you conduct yourself when speaking to me.

You don't apologize for shit if you're still insulting me, so don't come with your disgusting cynicism.
I have no need to apologize of this moment. I clearly stated that I apologize if my statements were untrue. You haven't proven to me that I was wrong. You've only been enforcing the points i've made about you.

And this is the sign of someone who lost his shit and his grasping at any straws to actually look relevant for once.
he linked me to 4chan and made a sarcastic remark, so I jokingly replied with my own sarcasm. I'm the one you claim to be suffering from cynicism but you're the one that thinks I have some kind of ulterior motive for everything.
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