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Re: Naruto 643

Mr Big, I really can't take any more of your strawmen anymore. But, in honesty, they are formed because, by irony or hypocrisy of your part, you have no reading comprehension.

What I said:

One thing [referring to Mr Big's annoyance towards the tone of conversation] leads to another [referring to him wanting to shut down the conversation.
And what he understands?

Discussion doesn't have to lead to bad discussion tone. What the hell are you talking about?
What I said:

1. My language is annoying to you. You can't speak as if you were a majority.
as if
1. In the same way that it would be if: looked as if she were made of ice.
And what he understands?

1. Obviously there's more than just me. However I've never said anything about representing a majority. [reading comprehension again]
What I said:

it's kind of impossible for a perfectionist to be a narcissist because the first is always doubting himself, while the latter does the opposite.
Opposite of always doubting oneself is to not to never doubt oneself, is to not doubt oneself with frequency because, well, we're humans.

And what he understands?

didn't you say that narcissistic people don't have any doubts?
What I said:

No, people gave you shit because you started acting like a moralist that thinks he's better than everyone else.
And what he understands?

Now you're arguing about what I supposably think. Weren't you the one making this big fuss about assumptions?
Seriously, why do I have to bother with people who don't bother themselves to read what others are writing? Pretty simple, I don't have to.

Just to address a few other utterly misguided points.

Which is probably why insulting people is how you try to prove your statements.
No, it's with my arguments that I try to prove my points, because, unlike what you say here:
The emotional response (the need you have to insult others) you bring to the argument
I do not use colorful langauge because I'm emotional, it's because I like to use it. If you actually knew me in person instead of assuming the shit out of what I do, you'd know that I very rarely swear in my mother language (Portuguese) but I swear like a sailor in English. I don't know how it came to be, but that's what happens.

Other might do them for the sake of butthurt, but I simply use it for emphasis. I think you'll not steep to the low of saying emphasis is somehow an emotional response just to prove yourself right, will you?

Yes refraining from insulting someone is equivalent to being passive? For the sake of the forum it's practically your "duty" to participate in discussion and even point out where he was wrong. IT'S HOW you engage in the discussion that either:

a. becomes an opportunity where someone actually LEARNS something and where they were wrong.
b. A flame fest cause you lowered yourself into littering logical points with insults. Offending whoever you replied to.

I don't have to explain to you these basic concepts, you're smart enough to have already known them. How do you think someone is going to respond after being called a "moron" or an "idiot"? You're actively starting the fire under the guise of educating people and not letting them "carry on with their ignorance".
Like I said to TITB, you are clearly ignorant of what trespassed in this forum and you are telling things about people that they know very well only a person ignorant of the matter would spout it. Do you really think it was always like this? No, I was actually very civil to KYF for quite a few months and even thanked a bunch of his threads. But experience, something you sorely lack to say anything about me, KYF or anyone else for that matter, led to the situation at hand.

So we, who have the experience of this back and forth, still don't know of a solution that will please everyone and you, who knows NOTHING, think you can simply solved with a solution already tried and failed? Please, don't insult my intelligence.

Check again.
Political correctness: "The avoidance of forms of expression or action that are perceived to exclude, marginalize, or insult certain groups of people."

By calling people stupid you're only attacking an individual, not a defined group.
And I can easily fetch a definition that fits what I said:

political correctness - avoidance of expressions or actions that can be perceived to exclude or marginalize or insult people who are socially disadvantaged or discriminated against
Your cherry picking of definitions won't work with me, son. KYF, AW and a few others attempted that shit with me and they never got away with it.

Like I said earlier in this post your objective isn't discussion but starting "flame wars".
Yet again you are assuming what I want. I want discussions, sorry if your skin is too thin to handle the tone of it.

If that's what you meant, then you're use of words made no sense. Im guessing you don't know what "projection" means.

If that's the definition of "projection" you did in fact meant to use; it would signify that I'm only using you as a punching-bag, for other unrelated problems. and yes that is a pretty egotistical way of looking at criticism.

"it's not me, it's them''
First, I know very well what projection means and yes, that's what I meant. You're really just downcasting people to lift yourself. It's not even about me, it could happen with someone else, like kael and HR or AOTK and Vengeance, KYF and I simply had the jinx of being the targets.

This bears repeating, you're not the first nor will you be the last to attempt this kind of bullshit for attention grabbing, people are already onto you so why keep pretending? Just drop your moralist act and move on to something else, like discussing Naruto in this section or chill for a while in the Spam Zone.

Terrible analogy. the status of the existence of god(s) is what seperates both. Perfectionism and narcissism aren't at odds, both traits can be found in a person.


The want to achieve perfection isn't a trait that isnt absent from narcissistic people. Instead of pretending to know what you're talking about, I recommend you actually read about Narcissistic perfectionism.
Terrible link and more cherry picking. The link you provided misused the word perfectionism when it was talking about types of obsessive behavior. In all truth, both perfectionists and narcissists are obsessive and they deal with the subject of perfection. But the key difference is that perfectionists strive to achieve perfection, narcissists assume they already achieved it.

So my atheist/theist analogy is apt since, like the status of the existence of god is what separates both of them, the status of perfection is what separates perfectionists and narcissists. But hey, if I'm wrong, I guess kael will correct me, he's the guy who actually studied psychology instead of putting poorly worded links like you.

I called you both out on my original post and obviously everything I pointed out in the lasts posts are basic concepts of human decency that applies to everyone.
So why didn't you bother KYF when he insulted you far worse than I did? Why didn't you say anything about how completely different is the gravity of both situations. Oh, right, because you're not interested in KYF nor in what is actually human decency, you're just here to take potshots at those who are trying to keep the freedom of speech intact.

Again, you're so caught up with your own importance to this forum it's unbelievable. Who am I? I'm MrBIG and I brought up valid points on the state of discourse on this forum. Your problem isn't about WHO'S criticizing you, it's about that someone IS criticizing you.
You didn't bring any valid points, or else people would accept your points. But, of course, your ignorance on the matter still kept you from acknowledging what everybody else knows for a long time.

@ bolded: Miburo, Mal, Vengeance and others have criticized me in the past and I simple accepted their points. It's really about you being a nobody saying what others are thinking and trying to step on everyone else because you got irritated at some measly words.

My information about you was gathered directly from you in your replies to me. Yet somehow their assumptions? If what I've seen from you in your replies to me ISN'T who you are, you have yet to prove to ME the contrary.
You're not interested in knowing who I am, you're simply interested in the strawman you created just to feed your moral crusade.

I can't ASSUME who you are by asking your friends, I'll judge you with how you conduct yourself when speaking to me.
Wow, you're either stupid or just too high on your horse to look. Third time saying this and I hope it's the last, you ASSUMED things about other people's behavior towards me, that's why I said to actually ask them instead of assuming. Because, you know, THAT is human decency.

I have no need to apologize of this moment. I clearly stated that I apologize if my statements were untrue.
And they are untrue, so why you keep insulting people and don't apologize? Oh yeah, you are already assuming things about people instead of listening to them, my bad for forgetting that.
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