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Re: Naruto 643


When you say it didn't work what didn't work?? If you mean you want KYF to shut up then that isn't the same thing I wanted. When I say ignore him I mean ignore him so there won't be a flame war. I'm sure when you ignored him a few pages of flame war didn't happen. What did you want to accomplish by ignoring him?

Once again, who are you to who's an idiot or a white night? You're not making sense. Your comments are full of "I know who's what on this forum so I get to say it". If I want, I can say you're an idiot, does that make you one? No. It's all a matter of opinions.

Ok so KYF to you is some evil mastermind that is using me and MrBig so he can look better. Me and MrBig are KYF's dupes too according to you too. Ridiculous... I could call you an idiot for that but I won't. (And don't even try saying this is a strawman; I'm only saying that you sound very ridiculous using sarcasm)

And KYF's thick headed for defending his opinion on certain things? Hypocrisy again right there. Everything you say about the other person can be said about you when it comes to your posts.

And to reply to your edit: The thanks button is made for a reason. I use it when I feel the post took a load off my back. Thanking every single post of someone and making a "thanks" group is completely different than what I did. This was my first thanks in thi whole tthread (if I remember properly) and that's because MrBig wrote that comment when I was about to start my reply to you, which took a load off my back and therefore required a thank you.
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KYF starts nearly every flame war in these bullshit debates.
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So...first of all: FUCK YOU KYF ! And your Shisui theories.

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