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Re: One Piece 718

Originally Posted by Spiegel View Post
Fujitora is still there with DD and Law. I guess just spectating for the moment.

As far as Law not switching out to another room. Maybe he is trying to conserve his powers focusing on DD as he thinks up another plan to get the upper hand on DD again. If wanted to escape he could given the nature of his powers which leads me to believe he's up to something to regain the advantage.
I would believe Law has something up his sleeve which is the reason he wants to pass along the only thing that would give him such a disadvantage. Since Law has to conserve his powers until his stamina is replenished he has to stick to his wits. Dofla is telling him his alliance is over with..but Dofla is underestimating the SH's as they have teamed up with the rebellion to take out the factory and save it's workers. With the final battle starting soon Dofla will be taken away from his focus on Law and head straight to Dressarosa to make sure nothing else follies up his plans. Once Law passes along CC's heart Law can go seriously on the offensive. Still wondering though...why is Law this hurt? If he put up his room within that room he would be the "Surgeon of Death" so does Dofla have a way of weakening his rooms or slicing them with his strings? We have not seen Law do anything since the start of this triple threat.
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